Embedding google docs

How do we embed a google spreadsheet like in this post?

How did you do it, @bbulkow, since you embedded the spreadsheet in that post?

I set the permissions on the document to world-readable, and posted the link, simply with cut-n-paste.

The HO software can’t scoop out the content, so refers to it through the link, and causes the end browser to render, even when the sheet updates underneath.

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Hmmm… That exactly what I did and it doesn’t work. I tried with a new post as well as in the reply above. Looking at the HTML of your post, there appears to be a key of some sort. I looked at some Discourse discussion boards, e.g. https://meta.discourse.org/t/embed-google-spreadsheet-plugin/21673 , and they also mention a key, but how one arrives at that key I can’t figure out.

More testing. I think I need to publish the document, not just share it.

Well, that should have worked according to https://meta.discourse.org/t/google-docs-onebox-gem-requires-a-published-document/33649/3 but nothing on that page is embedded either, so something is wrong.

The 17th post of that Discourse thread suggested that the way the google spreadsheets are embedded is now different.

My understanding of that thread is that they’ve not yet achieved a solution. How bbulkow’s post still works is what is confusing me!

Interesting. bbulkow’s embedded Google sheet no longer is embedded. Likewise, embedded google maps no longer appear to be working anymore either (e.g., this one.)

i can still play with the map:

how odd, it now works for me too!