Elizaville Diner ... located at the border of Dutchess/Columbia County, NY

I owe these guys a huge apology. I had had breakfast here a few years ago and did not give them
a very glowing review, I always preferred the Historic Diner in Red Hook.

I must retract anything I may have written that wasn’t positive. At a time when restaurants are cutting back both on quality and portion size in addition to raising prices, the Elizaville Diner appears to not be following the trend. Where the Historic Diner has declined the Elizaville Diner has improved. I no longer can recommend the Historic Diner, but can and do recommend the Elizaville Diner.

The folks who own the Diner also own the Deli next door which is also surprisingly good. All salads chicken, tuna,cole slaw, potato, macaroni are house made. The roast beef is cooked in house and they turn out a nice pizza as well. The food in both establishments is fresh, simple and delicious … My only regret is that I didn’t give them another chance sooner …
Some of the food pictured below was eaten at the diner, some was taken to go

garlic wings

garlic wings

Batter Fried Haddock

Batter Fried Haddock

Fried Clams

onion rings

onion rings

Turkey club

Prime rib

green salad, can anyone identify the green I pulled out, it was really good, I didn’t recognize it

house made mashed


Looks like watercress, maybe?


Terrific photos. Those Rings jump off the page!

TY it was nice and peppery
seemed on the big side for watercress
but it looked like it

TY Red Jim

Great pix as usual! Food looks really good. Love all the pork belly on the menu!


I noticed that too - I would kill for a pork belly grilled cheese right now. And those onion rings, OMG!

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Agree about the onion rings. As for the peppery greens - arugula, perhaps?

TY Gwenn,
In a region where there is no shortage of
great Hudson Valley products, and some
fairly good restaurants they
hold their own … it’s particularly appealing because one doesn’t need to
take out a second mortgage to partake … this is more or less
a local secret

I know. Chowdom always makes me hungry!!!

No definitely not arugula, we picked up some local baby arugula a few weeks
ago for pizza at the Red Hook Farmers Market.

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