Elite Restaurant (Monterey Park) is burning ...

Update …

We found out because we drove over there to have dim sum.

I am distressed. It’s been our favorite dim sum restaurant for many years.

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Try Bistro 1968.

Excellent dim sum, the successor to Engliten 168 (RIP) but better in all respects. And they’re still in “soft opening” phase until Jan 2023.

Ask for Kai, the manager, and he’ll take care of you.

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I’ve read many good things about Bistro 1968 and I look forward to trying it. I plan to wait until the crowds die down a bit.

However, Elite serves a dish that I adore and haven’t seen elsewhere, noodles with fish filets, black beans and bitter melon.

Also, Bistro 1968 is a much longer drive from my house in Palms than Elite.


Sorry to hear.

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Sorry to hear, especially to find out in such a way. Did you end-up going somewhere else?

Sea Harbour has been my go-to for several years now, but I do look forward to trying Bistro 168 sometime in 2023. My only quibble with Sea Harbour is its small size; one really needs to be queued right when they open.


Bistro 1968 is arguably even smaller.

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Sea Harbor is good. It is about the same size as Elite (or larger), right? Both aren’t too big.

We used to go to Sea Harbor. We liked it, but we like Elite better.

Also, as we live in Palms, it’s pretty quick to get to Elite as long as traffic is light.

We ended up trying Cook’s Torta as it’s between Elite and the freeway entrance to go home. It wasn’t bad, but we didn’t think it was particularly good.

Elite wait line is shorter which is a good thing. Elite menu is smaller, but they are pretty good of everything on their menu. Don’t get me wrong. Sea Harbor is great too. I probably visit Elite the most among these Cantonese Dim Sum restaurants. I hope Elite can make a come back.


I hope so too. I’m concerned for their staff. Unemployment isn’t enough to live on and remodeling after a fire takes forever.

I am sure most of them can find another job. I see many high quality waiters and waitress jump around, so many restaurants are hiring.

I hope so.