Elite Bakery -- Chamorro / Guam food (Union City)

Elite Bakery sells various Filipino treats and they distinguish themselves by serving a few Chamorro dishes (cuisine from Guam). This is the California location of a family business with locations in Guam and the Philippines.

Their empanadas are made to order, so call 15 minutes in advance or 20 minutes if it is early in the morning and they don’t have the deep fry or heated. I missed my chance with those, but picked up the chicken kelaguen from the refrigerator case. It is a boldly flavored chopped chicken salad and it is meant to be served warm. Lemon juice helps intensify the umami in the chunks of barbecue chicken, and there’s a background of fresh coconut. This dish is also served at Chamorro restaurant Prubechu in the Mission and SF pop-up FOB Kitchen, both of which use finally shredded chicken, which takes on a fluffy texture, and have more of a pronounced coconut flavor

I liked the binangkal, deep fried dough balls coated in sesame seeds. I was less keen on the giguria, sugar coated nuggets with a slight coconut flavor, and a hard, waxy texture.

Elite Bakery
4123 Dyer St Union City, CA 94587
Phone # (510) 400-1425


I have never tried Chamorro food before. Thanks for the description and photos. At first, I thought those hard cookies are fried pork rinds. :grin:

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