Eleven MP - Reservation System

We were with friends last night who told us about their amazing experience at 11 MP and we all decided to go. Ii tried calling for a reservation but you can no longer do that. You must use the website. The reservation system does not allow you to simply make a reservation for 4 - you must pick your “experience” - dinner tasting menu or bar tasting ($295 PP an d$145 PP). Then you must choose wine pairing or not and how many - regular at $175pp and reserve at $295pp. At the end, after trying to reserve for 4 the total was $2,046 and they wanted a credit card in that amount. Sorry, but no. Bookings not cancelled within 48 hours of reservation will be charge $75 pp. I thought it was a bit excessive to be asked to pay upfront, so we are not going. Anyone else have any experience with this?

I assume you are referring to Eleven Madison Park. Yes, I have heard of the reservation system and, of course, the pricing. Quite a restaurant, highly rated all around. Scoring a table seems to be difficult despite the high cost.
I do not like getting cornered by credit cards etc., but if you were set on this dining experience it should not really put you off…

That’s the type of nonsense I won’t put up with. I’ve been to the bar and eaten there many times, 5-6 years ago. I’ve then been offered a table in the bar area and had some great meals. I have also been offered a regular table when there was a no show, because I know folks there from my writing days, but never took advantage of it. I felt guilty skipping the line, something that usually doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

That said, from the meals I had at the bar and bar tables, and special items from the regular menu comped, I think that if the money isn’t a problem, the full meal would be fantastic.

You might try getting seats at the tables in the bar area.

Thanks for that, JMF. Good info.

May I ask what your question is exactly? Experience with it? Yes. That’s how they do things. They are one of the top ten restaurants in the world and like others, run their reservations with TOCK. It doesn’t seem to affect demand. It’s like a ticket system. (Alinea is another)

Or are you asking how to get around it?

I think I’m just complaining


And, it’s fine to complain.

The G-forces of this world will tell you crap is inevitable – the economics prove it – so just shut your mouth (except to open it to eat the crap). That’s what they enjoy, with a side of Dijon Chump.

The rest of us – we can leave it.


I feel lucky that I experience many of the “great” restaurants before things got so nuts. For example, we went to The French Laundry about 2 years after they first opened and had an amazing meal, delicious, relaxed and cost us about $250 for 2 of us - and we were invited to the kitchen to meet Thomas Keller (he did that then). If I don’t experience 11MP I’m fine. I can’t justify spending over $1000 on a meal - I don’t care how good it is, how good the service is, or what kind of chocolate bar they give me to take home at the end. If I were crazy wealthy, maybe!

Oh my. What an angry unattractive post! You are reading something into my post that I am afraid just isn’t there. I don’t understand the reference to “Dijon”. Best wishes.

I just got it! I actually love the side of Dijon chump reference!

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Closed in June for renovation. EMP in the Hamptons in the summer.

Thanks. That’ll save me 1k


I bet there will be plenty of k’s waiting for their pop-up experience in the beautiful Hamptons this summer…