Elephant Trunk Hill Guilin Rice Noodle [Oakland, Chinatown]

Elephant Trunk Hill Guilin Rice Noodle is a Guilin style noodle place in Oakland Chinatown on 7th Street near Broadway that opened recently. It’s named after Elephant Trunk Hill, a famous hill in Guilin that resembles an elephant’s trunk (thanks Wikipedia).

I had a bowl of noodles here - the A1 ($13.95) - House Special Pot Roasted GRN with Marinated Beef, Beef Tripe, and Golden Crispy Pork, which was a very satisfying bowl of noodles. It is a bowl with the works - slices of a deep fried piece of pork with a crispy exterior, slices of marinated beef, tripe, pickled vinegary crunchy cowpeas, roast peanuts, scallions, a hard boiled egg, etc. They don’t have the pig ears though that I’ve seen in other Guilin rice noodle places. There is some gravy on the bottom of the bowl that one should mix up with the supple thick rice noodles. I also added some chili oil and chili peppers from jars on the table. Delicious!

A1 - The noodles came with a bowl of broth with some seaweed in it to sip on between noodle bites.

The noodle part of the menu.

More pics.