Elated To Share The New Opening

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Hello everyone!
I am here today to share the story of my success started from a small cart in the mall and now the proud owner of a growing franchise. I am so happy that we are serving in New York too. The hardships were there, but the success was sweeter. Now that I am here will share my story of how this wide-eyed Indian boy arrived in America with dreams of building something big. But was unable to find good satisfying food in this new country which gave me the idea to start something new and fresh: that’s how Eggholic was born.

So far, living in America has been a great experience for me as an Indian. Due to the acceptance of Indian cuisine wholeheartedly by modern Americans, our eateries are doing well.

Relish the zest of India in the US. Lastly, wish you all a zingy year ahead.