El Tule Peruvian and Mexican- Lambertville [NJ]

Enjoyed a delicious lunch today at Tule. Nice menu mix of dishes. Fresh ceviche, salsas, and great sopas. We had the Posole, Aquadita Pollo, Fresh Guac, and small portion of Corvina ceviche. Great value too at $31 before tip.


Nice looking meal, thxs for the heads up.

Whoa. Yum! I love Peruvian food. Is this on the NJ side (Lambertville) or PA side (New Hope)? My parents live about 15 minutes north so maybe I’ll bring my dad here for lunch next time we are in the area.

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Looks like it is in Lambertville.

Good to see some down-home cultural cooking in that proverbial “sea of pretentiousness” as I call it. Wil have to check this one out.


Whoops, yes Lambertville. Best part of the day as the minutes later a Trenton flight cancelation, and resulting travel re-planning that followed have been awful. With nothing in the fridge we did take advantage of half price wings at BWW tonight.
The large Kane Head High and a Vodka Gimlet at home helped with the difficult day.


The flight delay meant we had some time to kill. Trying to win some points with the GF led me here.
Spoke with owner? Sylvia who is from Peru, North of Lima.

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I think lunch is a better option. Prices probably much higher at dinner. Outside seating on nice days!