El Tropico, Keyport

We have been here a few times, but were disappointed on our latest visit. first of all, I found a piece of bone in my barbacoa taco. The waitress claimed that barbacoa may have bones in it. Well, obviously it may, because it did, but it shouldn’t.

Also, Mark had ordered a chile relleno taco placero. They waited fifteen minutes while preparing other food before they can back and told him that some ingredient or other wouldn’t be ready for another hour! (Does this even make sense?) At any rate, Mark ordered something else, and I suppose if they were not going to start cooking ours until that point, the delay did not matter, but it also means that the cooking is sequential rather than simultaneous. The net result is that the smallness of the place (four tables, I think) is a blessing in disguise–any more and you’d have to wait forever!

Alas, there are few authentic Mexican places left in Keyport, but I think we may stick with Los Corrales from now on. (There is also new place in Hazlet, Diego’s Mexican Food and Pizzeria, where El Pollo y La Oaxaquena used to be. The name does not sound promising, but maybe it serves tlayuda. Hasanyone tried it?)