El Tempo Houston, Texas


We always sit at the bar so we can get an occasional glimpse of the kitchen and the Wifeacita can supervise the ladies making tortillas, she being a self proclaimed expert.

We got there early when they weren’t busy so I could talk history in general and WWII in particular with my buddy Emilio.

After gently nursing some skinny ritas made by Emiliano, the best bartender, we ordered polaqueso and two crab enchiladas in marisco cream sauce.

The queso is queso flameado with bacon, mushrooms, poblanos, and onions. Be sure and request the cream sauce with the enchiladas or you’ll get the not as good default cheese, a mistake I’ve made a couple of times. They come loaded with chunks of lump crabmeat.

It doesn’t sound like a lot of food for two but we had a good amount of leftovers.

We were finishing our third margarita when I caught a lucky break, literally. Buddy Emilio broke a glass in front of me and made me a new one due to the risk of flying glass.

We were there quite awhile and by then the place was packed with non stop action.

The bar is the place to be for small parties, we made friends on both sides and the people watching is the best.

One girl ordered a margarita and a tequila shot, drained both in record time and went to meet who we presume was her mother.

Another carefully crafted a huge taco out of everything on her beef and chicken fajita plate and proceed to devour it in three bites in less than a minute. Repeat.

Can you tell we love this place? It’s the Washington Avenue location by the way.

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The mother/daughter relationship is special! :smile:


Back again for a lengthy stay at the bar and some mas ritas and queso.

Here’s a juicy bar tidbit, “table sixty-one wants ketchup.”

That drew some smiles and chuckles from the staff as El Tiempo don’t serve no stinking ketchup.

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Okay I’m watching a certain review site for the one-star review to be posted.

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Sittin here at the happy hour bar and those tortilla ladies are wasaay down there, I must be at the wrong end. :nerd_face: :face_with_monocle:


You have to be waaay to the right. If you’re having margaritas have Emiliano, the guy with the spiked hair make them skinny, he’s the best.

We’re jealous but we were there Saturday for nightcaps after a trip to Merida on Navigation to feed.

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The guy who made our skinnies made them truly skinny, tequila, cointreau and lime juice. Another bar back made one for us from a gallon jug in the fridge, and our hero intercepted, dumped it out and made us his version. He had no hair! But very attentive. One interesting bar bloke regaled us with stories about his 3D printer and showed us his rook he was proud of making. See it on the bar between the skinnies? We also had queso which we augmented with the red salsa and diced jalapenos we ordered on the side, a little invention of mine that I’ve gotten friends hooked on. And some of the shrimp ratones, one per person and we about rolled out of there. I’ve never gone to this bar, so thanks for the reco. Definitely got rid of my headache from hardly working yesterday.



I know that rook, we saw it Saturday and the owner is very interesting, an extremely intelligent person. His name is Emilio, not to be confused with Emiliano and we talk World War II history among other things. I bet he leaned in close as he regaled you.

The guy with no hair made us a couple two weeks ago before Emiliano got there and they were good, not sure of his name.

The bar back that got the rita from the jug is a young guy with black hair if that’s who you saw. I think his name is Gilbert and is new to the position and his English is not very good but he is an extremely hard worker and Emilio sees great potential in him.

It’s a fun place.

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Wow, you know them all! Yes, Emilio is worldly and can talk most anything it seems. I wondered why he was working here, but he mentioned he was laid off of a flight industry job.