El Jefe's Taqueria, Harvard Square (Boston)

I think there are a lot of Boston folks lurking so I figure I will get the conversations started with some new openings.

El Jefe’s Taqueria, Harvard Square (Boston) is now open. Mexican street food. From John Schall of Fire + Ice. Serves tacos, burritos, fajita, burrito bowls, soups, and salads.

What do folks think about this place?

I like Felipe’s just fine for a local fix, so it’s not likely I’ll try El Jefe any time soon. The Fire & Ice lineage does not instill confidence, though I’m sure it will do well with the student population.

Have to agree with Uni. Fire+Ice is not a great lineage. Have you tried it yet? Lineage be damned if the food is good.

I really appreciate the idea of having add-ons like guac and sour cream be free across the board. That’s a great reaction to the typical Anna’s sticker shock at the register. How’d my $5 burrito become $11?? Oh, I put stuff on it, right.

It’s interesting that the two chefs are longtime cooks at Fire + Ice whose skills he “never utilized”. Dang, way to slam your own goofy restaurant, Schall. What, you just realized that the guys who sauté stuff at the donut-shaped grill could actually cook?

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