El Gordo Taqueria -- back to my roots

When I started my taco truck journey back in 2001, one of my favorites was the El Gordo taco wagon at 42nd and International (Oakland). Today I was wandering around San Leandro at lunch time and thought I’d check out Taqueria El Gordo, which I had noted in the past (it’s near the emergency vet I have unfortunately had too many occasions to visit).
El Gordo now has three bricks and mortar locations in addition to the taco wagon – the owner’s dream. https://www.tacoselgordo.com/
The al pastor had always been the thing to get at the wagon, so I ordered two tacos ($3.25 each)
and also an a la carte chile relleno ($6.50). I scarfed the tacos for lunch, and they were outstanding, with the signature touch of onions that are cooked with the meat on the spit in addition to the chopped onion/cilantro topping. A little spicier than I remembered (in a good way). My to-go order came with containers of both red and green salsa. I believe (but did not confirm) that the tortillas were hand made (or at least, house-made).
Worth a stop if you are craving tacos on the 880 corridor south of Oakland (Washington Ave. exit, and a few blocks up Washington to the intersection with Floresta, fairly easy off, easy on).
The El Gordo taco wagon (and its owner) were featured in my brief moment of fame: https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=14509760


There’s now one in my town, about a mile from me. Will definitely have to hit it up!

Not to be confused with Gordo Tacqueria which also has locations in the east bay (and SF) and in my opinion is …well… not so good. However they do have a rabid following of old school SF natives.
Kinda surprised there isn’t a lawsuit over those names being so close.

The name is not unique enough, since “Gordo” just means “fat man.” Lots of restaurants have very similar names, and it’s only an issue if it’s trademarked and trademarkable (I think if you tried to trademark “Joe’s diner” it would not be allowed).

The chile relleno was very good. The three salsas – one red, two green – were all different and all excellent. I’m craving them already.


The one that you posted about is definitely the one in downtown Hayward.

Come down to Redwood City and you will find half of the 500 taco joints here are variations of El Grullense.