El Chato - Mission District, SF

Reviewed El Chato for Mission Local. A little taverna opened by a local from Madrid and his friend, with a focus on wine, vermut, jerez, etc., with hopefully live performances becoming a regular occurrence and Sunday radio show with dancing on-site. The food on the first visit seemed a little underseasoned but the second time I went with a group was outstanding, both food and entertainment-wise. Felt very much like a lively tapas bar in Barcelona (I don’t know Madrid enough but my friends and I are rabid BCN-ophiles). Great atmosphere, the food was lovely and simple - lots of conservas - and the wines/vermut selection varied and eclectic. The night of the flamenco show was, without hyperbole, quite spectacular, full to the brim of happy people enjoying the show, the drinks, the food, the ambience, and each other. I really hope those shows become a regular thing because I’m sorely missing the flamenqueras of Mision Flamenca who use to perform regularly at Bissap Baobab but who sadly disbanded during the pandemic, most going their separate ways. But there is still a healthy flamenco community left! and really good food to go with it.

go check it out!


Such a fabulous review, thank you! I want to hop on a plane and come to the next flamingo night. Thanks to you, I know exactly how much fun those are!


I’m all for evenings with flamingos!

Wonder if they enjoy flamenco music?



Gotta love (hate) auto-correct. :rofl:


Came across this one the other day:

Think it’s likely the reviewer meant Parmesan?


thank you! OMG - if only there were flamingos there! :stuck_out_tongue:

actually, the BF and i had this discussion years ago and he found something on the webz that said the words were definitely related, so…


stuffed with a Northern grouse! :rofl:


and please DO hop on a plane soon! it’s been waaaaay too long…

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thank you! hopefully you’ll get a chance to experience the food and music too!