El Carmen, LA

Welcoming and friendly neighborhood tequila bar with good happy hour food prices and quality. 8138 W 3d.

Prob one of best tequila selections in town and generous and knowledgeable bartenders

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Want some cobra spirits ? Didn’t think so.

Tahona is cool

The Cuervo anejo is pretty good if I ask me still an old tequila operation.

This stuff is like 1200 a portion. I would rather have the 50 dollar one and 1150 in my pocket for a buzz but …

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I drank sake with a cobra in the bottle at a sushi bar I used to frequent. To this day I wonder how they get the snake in the bottle.

Sad but I think it gets in there alive. I know this particular bottle at el Carmen is from Vietnam and has been there unopened for 25 years or so.

I feel better about the smaller worm I guess. For some drinks they serve worm salt which is what it sounds like and gives you a sort of magic mushroom flavor in your mouth to accentuate whatever buzz you are riding. Some sangrita and worm salt and tequila can be a treat.

If they put it in the bottle alive how do they stop it from pooping in the bottle? Decades ago I had a pet snake; I still remember how awful the poop smelled.

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To me, the phrase “pet snake” is an oxymoron! :smiley:

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looks like no matter how they do it it’s obviously not fun for the cobra.

can’t say i feel good about even looking at it now.

but maybe it saved someone from being bit.