El Bolillo - Wayside - Houston

On my way back from visiting the new Fiesta I stopped off at this location of El Bolillo. I’ve heard about it for several years and been meaning to check it out when I was over this way. More recently, I’ve seen several comments that it really is the best one at least in part because of the parking situation.

Well, I’ll certainly have to give them that. Scads more parking is only a slight exaggeration - but of course, if you know the cramped parking situation on Airline Drive, you realize that wasn’t hard to do. And Wayside at that point, just off I-45 (on the west side) is as heavy or heavier traveled than Airline.

The building looks much larger on the exterior but I’m not sure there’s actually more space inside. I wandered around, picking up far too many pastries and a couple of teleras, but mostly succeeding at averting my eyes when I got close to the display cases with the Tres Leches.

Nothing, unfortunately, was fresh and warm out of the oven. I was there around 4 pm.

It didn’t really hit me until I got home but I saw no tortillas, although I think I saw a tortilla press machine. Maybe I just missed them.

This one is way, way, way closer to me; I’ll be giving it more visits, I’m sure.

And WHOA!, I see by the website they’re planning on opening another one in Pasadena next year. WHAT??? None on the SW side or Far West Houston?

You don’t like Arandas Bakery? I know there’s one on Beechnut next to Dona Tere. I thought they were pretty similar, but I’m not a sweet bread expert.

I’m not much of a fan of pan dulce either although I always buy some pastries or what not at El Bolillo. This time around I bought a dulce de leche empanada, a coconut empanada (which turned out to be coconut cream) and a lemon cream tart. Like I really needed all that sugar.

I do think the bolillos and teleras at El Bolillo are the best I know of in town but I had forgotten about that big Arandas near me. Thanks for reminding me.

Popped in there yesterday for some sugar cookies, a big-assed cinnamon roll, and a dozen tamales. The tamales are better than store bought but not as good as Alamo, (but at $7/dz a lot cheaper). Nonetheless, I ate about 4 of them and took some extra thick pork chops out of the freezer to thaw. I make a mean tamale stuffed pork chop.

Let’s eat!