Eixample Barcelona recommendations

I’m going to be in Barcelona at the end of the month and was hoping for some recommendations, especially in the Eixample (nearer parts of Gracia would also work). So far I have booked Come by Paco Mendez (not in Eixample, but worth a trip for us because we really liked Hoja Santa) and Pepita. I’ve been looking online and I’ve found…honestly, so many great-looking places that they’re all starting to blur together. We’re not opposed to tasting menus, but we don’t want to do fine dining every night; I’m actively interested in more casual spots! Also, one of our group absolutely won’t eat raw proteins, and she will not appreciate a menu that is too heavy on raw fish.

Otherwise – we’re pretty open. I don’t like to book every dinner so far in advance, but some of the (not-especially-famous) places I’ve been looking at are already getting their evening reservations booked up, and it’s making me nervous. So if you guys can think of any places in Barcelona you feel passionate about, I’d appreciate the recs!

Let me try and give some personal recommendations. I always stay in the Eixample area when I’m in Barcelona because it’s such a beautiful part of the city/Spain/Europe even.

Please note that what I tend to like may not be what others like.

I love fresh seafood and a convivial atmosphere so more than once I will visit Ciutat Comtal. Full to the brim with locals and tourists, come for the seafood, guilty pleasure dishes (mini hamburger!), arroz during lunchtime, and great drinks. Their breakfast is also wonderful. Always full during the day.

Other restaurants I like: L’Olive (beautiful interior), Petit Comite, Mont Bar, Can Boneta Balmes. Never been to Besta but would like to try.


Dito to Mont Bar, Petit Comité, L’Olivé and Alta Taberna Paco Meralgo. For Basque, we like the
Taktika Berri. These are all in the Eixample.
I’ve been reading really good things about Besta from the Spain food critics and in La Vanguardia. it comes Michelin recommended. Bookable on The Fork.

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Besta looks delightful to me – unfortunately, I think it is likely to have too many raw seafood dishes for one member of our party. Taktika Berri looks good to have on the list for spontaneity (I hate booking every meal in advance), and the Can Boneta menu just looks like the sort of thing I personally like to eat. Thanks for the suggestions!

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