Eigensinn Farm [Singhampton, Ontario]

I haven’t visited since I went to a Christmas Market with several Chowhounds at Eigensinn Farm 15 years ago.

There’s a farmers’ market of sorts on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am until 4 pm, as well as a Farm Lunch. Woo hoo, a patio! I will try to check it out!!


I too haven’t been to Eigensinn in a very long time. Will be interested to hear anyone’s reports about how it is more recently.

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I’m not really interested in their long dinner that takes place inside. Beyond the fact I avoid indoor dining, I no longer have the attention span required for a dinner with more than 3 courses. :wink:


I will let you know if I do their outdoor farm lunch, buy produce, or get a take-out pizza!

The market is cash only.

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I noticed the lunch is by his wife and son. Couldn’t find the price of their dinner on their website. Pet peeve of mine. :laughing:


I emailed them. Reservations are required for lunch, which is only served on weekends.

If it rains, lunch that might have been served on the patio is served in the dining room.

They will box pizzas to go.

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