EggMania in [Edison, NJ]

Mmm… eggs.

EggMania is a successful chain (currently with 2 locations, the other in Jersey City) that offers local Gujarati street food dishes.

The owners lamented that many of the dishes and recipes they loved couldn’t be found in restaurants abroad, so they opened one themselves.

The signage and interior is a bit modern as far as Oak Tree Road goes, with a semi-stylish interior, decked with egg artwork on the walls, offering a full bar, and legible menu.

As the name implies, they are all about eggs. Hardboiled eggs pan fried in butter and spices, egg curries, egg biryanis, etc.

They also recently added a few meat kabobs to the menu, and most egg dishes have a paneer equivalent to order.

I went with the boil fry (hardboiled eggs pan fried in butter, garlic curry leaves, chili powder, garam masala, etc). and a curry, the surti gotala (spicy), which is in a rich, but semi-oily, tomato, ginger, garlic sauce, chili, which comes with buttered toast to dip.

It was a bit of an egg overload for one person. But, both were very tasty and I’m looking to return to try more on their menu.


Outrageous! It’s gotta be wonderful…

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Sounds like an Indian shakshuka!


Thanks for the report! I’ve walked past this place a few times and have always wondered how it was but never took the plunge. Too many damn options in that town.

I’m a total egg whore. That egg dish sounds fantastic.


We made the trip to Eggmania on Saturday. Thank you @goodparmesan for your review. We are big egg fans but never would have found this place on our own (we usually turn left on to Oak Tree Road from Wood Ave instead of right).

Even though this was a pre-shopping snack we ordered 4 dishes for 4 people plus an order of naan. If we were eating a full dinner I think we would have ordered another dish or two.

The first to come out was the Desi Kheemo, “Shredded boiled eggs cooked with Indian masala and veggies a.k.a. boil no keemo”. As you can see in the first picture, it was almost like a thick porridge. The flavor was amazing but I’d prefer a bit more textural variety.

Next up was Lasun Fry “Sunny side up eggs topped with garlic flavored gravy” (top left); Surti Gotala “Shredded hard boiled eggs mixed with sunny side up in our special house spices” (bottom center); and Volcano Biryani “Boiled egg rice with an omelet base, centered with spicy gravy and topped with shredded cheese” (top right). The egg dishes are served with toast. Literally toasted white bread with butter. With 3 egg dishes we got 9 slices.

All our selections were designated as spicy. They were but not overwhelmingly so. The Surti Gota was the table favorite with the rice a close second.

Next time we go - and there will certainly be a next time - I want to try the Bombay Grill Sandwiches. All are described as grilled cheese sandwiches but I somehow doubt they are anything like I’ve seen before.


Ooooh, they all look wonderful! The white bread toast cracked me up, though!

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Basically what I was about to post-verbatim.

I just cooked up a batch of hard boiled eggs to try my hand at creating something similar.

OF COURSE you did. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Glad you liked it. I too, tried my hand at a boil fry recipe online at home and it didn’t turn out half bad!

I pretty much made an Indian-spiced tomato sauce and poured it over the eggs. It probably should have been a little thicker. It would have been good as the poaching liquid for eggs a la the shakskuka Curlz mentioned above.


Yeah more or less the same for me. I didn’t have curry leaves or mustard seeds on hand so I think I went with sauteed garlic and onion, tossed in cayenne, and later rolled in the hardboiled eggs with garam masala, salt and pepper into the pan, and then thickened up with tomato sauce.


I picked up several packages of curry leaves on Saturday. I keep them in the freezer so I can always have them in on hand.