Egg white ideas

I always am left with egg whites . I don’t really care for meringues or angel food cake or egg white omelettes. The extra whites usually go into the freezer, where they age and then get tossed.
What are some ways to use those whites? Not only cooking but in the house, in the garden, in the beauty bag (I have tried the egg white facial mask and it is lovely but doesn’t use many whites).

Soufflé! Cheese or spinach are easy if you don’t like sweets. And they’re really fun to make.

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Waffle, macaron, either salty or sweet. As for sweet, chocolate mousse.

Glazing pastry/pie doughs before baking. Whites also serve as glue in making pasta shapes and patisserie.

I’ll see if I can find the recipe for "lemon cake-pie’. It’s sort of like one of those “impossible” Bisquick pies (but much better) in that several layers form as the pie bakes. IIRC, this used whites but not yolks. I know I used to make SOMETHING that had whites alone because I’d make it when I was making mocha-maple pudding, which only used yolks.

If you are into Chinese/ Cantonese food, then Fried rice with egg white and dried scallop is a delicious way to use your egg whites.


Cloud bread? I’ve never tried it but it looks like an interesting start to some tasty treats. I might not use it to replace bread (as low-carb folks do) but might enjoy it as a snack.

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I usually add them to egg dishes where I am still using some yolks as well (quiche, omelettes, even scrambled eggs). As long as you don’t use too many, these dishes still taste normal. IMO you can get away with one additional white for every two whole eggs with out it tasting too egg white-y.


Yes, you have to limit the whites to maintain the flavor. Contrary to what most people assume, the sulfur in eggs is in the white, not the yolk.

I marinate chicken for stir fry in egg whites. It gives it a silky texture.

You can also whip up the egg whites and use them to physically leaven cakes and such. I do this a lot because my kid is sensitive to baking powder. I’d say I get good results at least 50% of the time with new recipes. Some recipes just can’t be adapted.

Similarly, you can fold whipped up egg whites into pancake/waffle batter. A bit too decadent for every day pancakes, in my opinion, but great when you have company over. You can google lots of recipes for it.


Velvet chicken, ne c’est pas?


Use the egg whites as the glue for breading about anything
Financier cakes use a few egg whites
Mix one or two into oatmeal while cooking on the stovetop
Spiced nuts recipes often use egg white to glue on the spices and crisp the outside


Thanks all. Lots of ideas to consider.

I guess, but I always get confused. Some places I have seen velveting without egg whites. Others talk about velveting in large amounts of oil.

First corn starch and egg white, then the hot oil.

I used some egg whites yesterday to clarify my soup broth.

Check out some recipes here. I get their egg whites sometimes. (Have never tried any of their recipes so can’t say much about them.)

I have so much egg white in the fridge right now.

Egg white can be used to clarify broth.

I also found a recipe of French macaron that doesn’t use sugar at all, only egg white, almond powder and apple juice.

Some desserts, of course.

I saw some recipes of gelato only use egg white, without yolk.

Meringue buttercream - uses about 5 large egg whites, a cup of sugar, a pound of butter, flavor of choice ( ganache, Jam, caramel sauce, curd, extract, purée, whatever, it’s pretty forgiving as long as you don’t add a huge amount of liquid). Freezes well. I generally make Swiss, where the egg whites are heated with sugar before being whipped until cool and the butter added.

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You can add it to bread dough in place of some liquids. I don’t find it changes much, but you’re getting protein out of it instead of compost.

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If you’re bothered and feeling a little fancy maybe you can make a whisky sour. All you have to do is put egg whites of one egg into a shaker (you can use a protein shaker if you have one at home) and combine it with some whisky, lemon juice, ice and sugar and shake away. You can also change the whisky with other spirits of your liking too.