Egg Substitute for Vegan Baking - What Do You Use?

I have googled this, and tried applesauce plus baking soda. My apple muffins came out flat.

Althogh the basketball team chowed them down (because they are hungry teenagers?), I would like to finesse my vegan baking skills for next time.

What egg substitute works for you when baking vegan? Thanks!

You might try the flax egg

Thank for the link. Have you tried this method? Eggs provide rise in baked goods, and I am trying to imagine if this would work.

I’ve never tried it but know many who find it works for them though I imagine other ingrdients might be adjusted to make it work best.

It’s worth a try, thanks! Can’t possibly turn out flatter than my muffin “biscuits”. :slight_smile:

Flaxseed plus water will do it. Made many a vegan baked good with it.

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My wife uses canned liquid from chickpeas as substitute for egg whites. You need to add sugar, cream of tarter, vanilla or almond extract and beat until stiff peaks but she makes all sorts of desserts is way.


For more forgiving baked goods like quick breads a flax egg is fine, Ener-g egg replacer has been around since forever and is great for other baked goods like cakes and such. You use a tiny amount so one box lasts for almost ever. Bob’s red mill also makes an egg replacer for baking which i haven’t tried yet (since i still have at least a year worth off ener-g left! ) but i trust bob’s with everything for baking.

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A mucilage is what things like flax and okra produce. Starch can be used to make a mucilage too. I’ve tried corn starch and tapioca starch, it takes around a tablespoon per cup of water for that consistency, or you can make it thicker, like papeda, by adding twice as much starch. It has to be stirred into the unheated water until blended (which looks like milk), then heated and stirred continuously until it thickens (gelatinizes), which is at around 170°F. The tapioca starch is better for refrigerating or freezing as a mucilage, because the cornstarch will separate from some of the water when chilled (unless it is ‘modified cornstarch’). By the way, googling “egg substitute starch” will list others that are used for this. I haven’t really used it this way, but it’s obviously similar when you see a clear thickened liquid like that.

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Where was I? Well I guess if you were using applesauce, then maybe that was for a yolk replacement, while the mucilage would be for an eggwhite consistency. Not sure though, I’ve never really baked with eggs, so I have no basis for comparison.

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