Egg rationing introduced by UK supermarkets


I’d not call limits of 2-3 boxes at a time (a dozen eggs in a box in UK?) “rationing” – I had visions of an egg a week from your headline. Here in Minnesota my favorite grocery often restricts the number of items that can be purchased at sale price, with a phrase like “limit 2 per cart”. Trading on human psychology your grocers could bump up the “regular” price to an outrageous number, advertise the “sale” (at previously normal price) with “limit 2” and most shoppers would self-limit to 2.

More commonly half a dozen to a box.


The stores I shopped at in Ontario were keeping egg purchase to one or 2 dozen per purchase in the spring of 2020. I haven’t noticed it lately, but I live near quite a few egg farmers.

Our local Costco had no eggs today, and was told there would be none for the rest of the week.

If this keeps up, we need to sneak in some Viagra into that chicken feed.

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Not sure a Costco stocker has that kind of visibility to the supply chain.

Not sure what that means, but roosters are kind of a non-issue in egg production, as I’m sure you know.