Egg price gouging

Prices here in Philly have been right around $4-$5 per dozen depending on size/brand. My local meat market used to give a dozen free medium eggs with a $25 purchase, then it was with a $35 purchase, but they stopped the free eggs at least a year ago.

The owner of the hair salon I go to keeps chickens and used to sell them at the shop. But she says she now provides so many family and friends she no longer has a surplus.

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When not buying from farmer’s markets, or small stores that sell farm products, we get Pete and Jerry’s for the yellowness of their yolks. Pre-pandemic, they hovered around $5/doz, then went up in 2020 to around $5.50–6.00. They are now $7.50 at local chain supermarkets (Star, etc.) but “only” $6.50 at WF.


Just left Whole Foods $4.69 a dozen large white limited to 2 cartons per shopper . The egg cases were filled up nicely.

reporting has shown that it’s price fixing from BIG egg.

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“The last $5 egg guy at the Union Square Greenmarket is now charging $6. Sigh.”

I sigh longingly for $6/dozen. Theres an opportunity here to buy up eggs at $6 and take them out of state to sell at $10. Sort of like returning bottles to Michigan, We could make a fortune, small_h!

As a resident of Manhattan, I am unaccustomed to feeling like I’m getting a bargain on anything. I wonder why eggs here are cheaper than elsewhere.


While many groceries cost more in Manhattan, I always found mom & pop takeout cheaper in Manhattan than the other cities where I have lived. Back when I lived in Manhattan (in the 90s- out of date) , it often felt like eating lower-end takeout from mom & pop restaurants for dinner was cheaper for me than making food from scratch.

Maybe stores, bodegas & 24 h Korean-run delis can keep eggs cheaper in Manhattan because people buy so many (raise the price of other things like the Kerrygold or Kombucha, keep eggs a little closer to cost or as a loss leader), and the competition for the price of eggs is fierce.

Canadian humour


My egg supplier has gone to $15 for 36, or $5 a dozen. She’s been my supplier for a decade now and I believe in her and her girls. Her costs for feed gave skyrocketed and donations of acceptable scraps to her have dwindled. I won’t buy three week old grocery store eggs, even if I could find them. I did notice the other day customers of Costco purchasing loads of eggs. Hoarding, like TP?


At a local store today, double 18 count packs of Large eggs were $11.44. But they’re wrapped up so you can’t check to see if any are broken. That’s why I always buy the more expensive single cartons.


The Kroger grocery store I shop at was almost out of eggs. All they had left were two different organic types one was around $7.69 and the other $9.99 dz. I would say that is at least $3 more than normal if not more. I had already bought eggs at Costco 24 organic free range omega enhanced eggs $6.89. There were some other ones that were about .50 cheaper but the dates were not as good. They are limiting to two per person. The stock was lower than it normally is.

There is someone local to me who sells from his house where they keep a huge flock of chickens. He is a bit out of my way on a long winding road, so I don’t get them often. They are good eggs which he sells I think now $3dz. They are good eggs with deep yellow yolks. They have a refrigerator on the porch where it is the honor system with a can where you deposit your money. I hope people don’t start taking advantage of their system.


Egg prices re tied closely to local supply. The chicken virus has hit some area much harder than others. I imagine PA and NY – both pretty big egg suppliers, haven’t been ravaged like some other areas. Yet.

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That may well be. I know the vendors I’ve spoken to blame the rise in feed costs for some of the increase.

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Probably why prices are much higher here in PA than in the past. But I haven’t seen any shortages or quantity limits

No quantity limits, but Trader Joe’s has been out of everything but large eggs for a week or so at a time.


  • “He knew exactly what he was here for, walking right past several lower ticket items including a $15 head of iceberg lettuce and rent-to-own pack of President’s Choice® chicken breasts.”

RTO chicken breasts.


  • Yet despite the evidence collected, the larceny charges against Durand may not stick. Thus far police have been unable to obtain any eyewitness accounts of the theft with several shoppers explicitly telling police that “they didn’t see shit.”


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We had a local farmer who ran a market on what (over the years) had gone from a 2-lane, lonely highway to a very congested 4-lane thoroughfare. Leonard was seldom there and just had a cash box honor system. My daughters dearly loved both his shop and the notion of that honor system.

You can probably guess the rest of the story. People started just 5-fingering the produce and eventually, twice, some folks ripped the cash box off its moorings, and Leonard’s is no more.


Hopefully your friendly seller, more out of the way, continues to fare better.


We still have honesty boxes in some rural parts of southwestern Ontario.