Egg-less Brunch.......Is it just me?

That finds this a bit odd? Was driving around trying to figure out what to do about breakfast/lunch passed a place with a banner Sunday Buffet Brunch 10:30-2:30pm so we pulled in decided to give it a try. I should say I’m familiar with the restaurant, it’s a semi-formal sit down dining restaurant, not fast food or casual family etc.

We went up to the buffet and much to my surprise nary a single egg to be found! As the matter of fact the only breakfast food(s) were, bacon and sausage and “stuffed French toast”. ( I’m not eating carbs so I can’t tell you what exactly this was)

So is it just me, or does “Brunch” by definition imply some sort of egg(s) being offered?

I’ve always just thought “brunch” meant a meal that was eaten late morning/early afternoon, and combined choices from both breakfast and lunch.

But no eggs on a brunch menu is rather strange - at least a quiche of some sort. Other than the bacon, sausage and stuffed French toast, what other foods were offered?

All lunch/dinner items; salads, peel eat shrimp, oysters & clams, fruit platter, cheese & veggies, bagel 1/4’s, chicken francese, ziti, meatballs, mashed potato’s, beef stroganoff, pulled pork, mixed veggies, assorted pastries, I think that about covers it.

Did you actually eat there? I’d have been inclined to not.

To me, breakfast is part breakfast and part lunch. No eggs = no brunch. That sounds more like a lunch buffet.

I should also add that after our first trip to the buffet and noticing the lack of eggs I thought perhaps the eggs are cooked to order, since eggs never hold up good in chaffing dishes. Nope, no such luck. No eggs at all!

That’s just a mistimed dinner.

Required brunch dishes (snazzy variations acceptable):
• waffles, pancakes, and/or french toast
• scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, toast
• eggs benedict

Not required, but frequently seen:
• quiche
• frittata
• home fries / scalloped potatoes / potato dish


OK, I’ll put fruit and bagel quarters on the breakfast menu along with what you originally noted, but EVERYTHING else is pure lunch/dinner.

FAIL on a “brunch menu” from this restaurant.

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On the contrary, I don’t understand why eggs must be in every dish on a breakfast menu. Particularly fast food, which is the only time I eat breakfast out - hungry and out of time. There’s always a long pause when I order that breakfast sandwich or taco, no egg.

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“IMPLY” being the operative word here.

My reaction would be the same as yours, though I’m not sure any specific dish or food item is mandatory at a “brunch.” But I’d certainly be surprised to find none!

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I’m not crazy about brunch menus, but if the place advertizes it as brunch I would expect eggs to be available.


Agreed. Too many eggs is one reason why I don’t go out for brunch very often.

Do you consider 1 (any style) too many?

No, I expect there to be at least a few eggy dishes - benedict, omelets, scrambles, etc. I’d rather have cheesy grits or a waffle. Or pho!

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One of my favorite brunches ever was one at an “international” hotel. Besides the usual eggs/bacon/sausage/hashbrowns, plus some waffles, there was a cold buffet with a selection of cold cuts, smoked salmon, and smoked whitefish, plus a big tureen of hot congee with all sorts of savory and sweet toppings.


Surprising, because not only are eggs commonplace on a brunch menu, I would think egg dishes have a much higher profit margin than the menu items you listed.

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