Eel in braised sauce

material: 1 eel, 1 shallot, 1 garlic, 45g braised pork sauce, a little vegetable oil, 1 bowl of hot water

preparation method

  1. eel viscera, gills and clean;

  2. the seasoning can be prepared with several shallots, a head of garlic and a box of braised pork sauce made by the sauce maker. Without this sauce, you can replace it with a proper amount of soy sauce, raw soy sauce;

  3. cut shallots and garlic into pieces;

  1. put the eel on the top of the chopping board, and rinse the blood and abdominal cavity attached to the bone together;

  2. use a sharp knife to cut the eel into short and equal fish segments, and cut the fish body cut into two pieces against one ridge vertebra, so that it can turn over and occupy no space after entering the pan;

  3. pour a proper amount of oil into the frying pan. when the oil temperature is 6 or 70% hot, put the fish section in the pan, do not turn it over first, heat it with medium and small heat, and turn over when;

  4. turn over and fry the other side. don’t turn it over first, and then shake it when it is slightly burnt.

  1. clip out the slightly charred pieces of fish on both sides and stir-fry the garlic cloves with base oil to give fragrance;

  2. pour a bowl of hot water to stimulate garlic flavor, and then squeeze a proper amount of braised pork sauce into the soup; The amount of sauce can be put according to personal taste and the amount of ingredients. Why pour hot water? Because the pot has a protective layer, the hot pot pouring cold water at this time not only prolongs the heating time, but also has an irreparable damage to the pot.

  3. after the soup is boiled, put the fish into the soup, simmer it on medium heat, and, full taste;

  1. open the lid of the pot, collect the juice, sprinkle chopped scallion before and after coming out of the pot to add color and fragrance.eel is tender, soft, delicious and not fishy, when stewing, it is OK not to put cooking wine, and there are not too many kinds of seasonings. simple sauce can set off the delicious fish.




Nice! I’ve never made it but san bei eel 三杯做法 is one of my favorite dishes.