EEEK - there was a really big cricket in my fridge!

How the heck did it get there? He was in the drink section of the fridge. Thought I heard a really loud cricket last night but I couldn’t find it. Found it today. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK. Anyone else ever get critters in their appliances?

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Jumpin’ Jiminy!

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Did you recently buy fresh produce? That would be my guess as to its origins. On the positive side it means your vegetables weren’t poisoned too badly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Surprise visitor in the fridge, yikes. Could the cricket have hitchhiked on a piece of produce? Our CSA vegetables in the summer occasionally harbor a guest bug because the farm doesn’t use pesticides and sprays.

Haven’t yet had a cricket come in that way, though.

Hmm, no, I did not buy any yesterday -

A hitchhiking bug tucked in produce has hidden in our fridge for a week sometimes. It’s as if the cold in the veggie bin put them into hibernation. The bug woke up upon getting a little warmer.

Still might not explain your cricket. Some people say crickets are good luck, so at least there’s that. :wink:

Speaking of cricket try this. It will take your mind off things.

You will also learn how cricket is scored.

My best score is 162.


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