(EDIT- Page loading issue FIXED) Cannot access WFD #15 and other threads

(HO edit: issue is fixed. see the 5th post.)

Which I created.

This is the view I get when I try and click in. Is anyone else having issues? I don’t just get this with WFD #15; I’m having issues getting into various threads on which I’ve participated.

Just an FYI. When I posted this new thread, I got the SAME view, and the only way I got back to be able to post was to hit F5 to refresh the page.

I cannot open any topic, anywhere on the site.

Yeah. Even though I haven’t changed anything today, it seems like certain config is causing trouble loading the pages today.

So I have disabled all unique configurations for now until i figure out later tonight which configuration is the culprit.

(earlier on i also updated the software and restarted the server- didnt fix the problem. but if you tried to access the site but had no luck at the time, that’s why)

OK. found the problem. its a 3rd party image sharing service failed, taking the site down with it. the image sharing service allows people to share image on places like Instagram. But I think nobody ever uses it.


Thank you for the fix.

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Much appreciate the fix, Sampson!

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