edibleSF:"What Do We Want From Our City's Top Tastemaker?"[SF] w/Bauer, Birsdsall, Tsai, Unterman

edible San Francisco: CRITICAL MASS: What Do We Want From Our City’s Top Tastemaker?



Bauer: " Yet an individual voice offers an accountability that can’t be matched by Yelp, TripAdvisor, Zagat or other crowd-sourced reviews,” he wrote in September of this year. “With so much information at our fingertips, at times one voice speaks louder than dozens.”

Besha Rodell of LA Weekly on Bauer: “Other cities, like New York and L.A., have more of a community of restaurant critics so there’s a conversation going on. Everyone has a different take and tastes.”

Luke Tsai of East Bay Express: “The wider your reach and the more clout you have, the greater a responsibility it is… [f]or me, anyway, the biggest goal is to find, and then to champion, the undiscovered, off-the-radar types of places.”

John Birdsall on Patricia Unterman: "Unterman would get just as excited about a taqueria as she would a place by a chef with a pedigree,”

Anna Roth of SF Weekly on Jonathan Gold of LA Weekly (later the LA Times): “One review sticks out in my mind where he spends the first couple of paragraphs talking about mariachi bands spilling out on a Los Angeles street and really sets the scene before introducing the Mexican restaurant or the food."



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eater.com/ San Francisco Really Seems to Hate Its Restaurant Critic
Locals are apprehensive over Michael Bauer’s mighty pen



“An increasing number of gourmands in one of America’s most important food cities are wondering if 30 years is maybe too long for a journalist to keep the same beat — more and more, it seems people in the Bay Area are clamoring for a new voice to define their cuisine.”

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