Eculent [HOuston, Tejas]


Anyone been, or ever heard of it.

Lambsy, this looks like the kind of place you would host your very first Houston Hungry Onions HOdown.


Certain elements make me think of Vespertine, in Los Angeles … but this sounds like a lot more fun.

One Vespertine-related thread from Food Talk Central (though a quick web search will deliver quite a bit more info):


A Galveston County friend is affiliated with Eculent in some way. She consults there or something, but she posts dishes from there frequently on social media. Her focus is generally on Food Channel shows and the like, you may have seen her on one of the FN shows - Nancy Manlove on Facebook. Or on Instagram.

I have followed them for a couple of years, but never been. I’m not a fan of the food theater sort dining that Oxheart brought to the area.

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