Eclipse Cocktails?

I’m heading to mid-west this afternoon to position myself in the zone of totality for Monday’s eclipse. We want to come up with a special cocktail for the big day. Anyone else doing something similar or have ideas/experience?

In truth, I’m more of a beer person and will be sampling Big Muddy Beer’s Black Cream Ale Totality Collaboration but am still tasked with a cocktail.


Before and during: Tequila Sunset
After: Tequila Sunrise :sunrise:

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But of course …


If you want be extremely literal:

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What do you want IN your cocktail?

Also whether you want it to look like an eclipse… a carefully constructed white russian comes to mind. Or something using a stout.

How about something with activated charcoal? Pretty easy to find capsules in vitamin/supplement sections.

Your favorite yellow/orange fruit based cocktail (mai-tai, margarita, etc.), served in a high ball glass with a floated large sphere of pomegranate (or blackberry) juice ice.


That’s the most appealing suggestion so far - visually stunning & delicious :yum:

I thought I should close the loop. In truth, we never did concoct a unique eclipse cocktail but I did have some nice beverages while in southern Illinois. We had several really good eclipse special brews by Saint Nicholas Brewing at the Carbondale airport (fun to watch touch and go’s while sipping). Bought some blond ale to take home to make shandies for the actual eclipse. Then bourbon drinks at Haversham’s Bourbon Bar in an obscure little town south of Carbondale - I had the smokey Manhattan with a muddled blueberry ice cube. Simply delicious.