ECI Dutch oven or a Stainless Rondeau?

I had a LC oval dutch oven, later replaced with a Staub. I find the dark finish of the Staub makes it less predictable in the oven.

For primarily stovetop I use both a Mauviel 250 copper (stainless lining) rondeau and smaller, taller dutch-oven-ish stock pot. Rondeau for sautéing large batches of stuff and long, slow reductions; stock pot for soups and less reduction-intensive stews. Both can go into the oven too.


Hi Damiano,

I honestly mostly use my Fissler Original Profi 28 cm 7.2 litre stewpot for when I make stock.
It’s large enough to brown a good quantity meat bones on the stovetop in two batches compared to first having to brown the bones in my Mauviel M’Cook roasting dish in the oven and then into a stockpot on the stovetop - so I avoid having to wash up an extra pan.

The 7.2 litre volume and the somewhat high sidewalls makes the pan ideal for making medium sized home stock.

I do also use it specifically for Osso Buco, because I brown very large pieces of veal in that particular recipe as the first step and I also need to turn the large meat pieces a bit during cooking. I find the Fissler OP 28 cm 7.2 litre stewpot excellent suited for that dish.

Right now I can’t seem to find this particular pot from Fissler for sale anywhere. It’s not of the Fissler website (unless I’m mistaken) and not on Amazon.
Perhaps Fissler have discontinued it.

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Hi Damiano, for what sidewall height do you prefer for proper brown while still keeping good amount of liquid inside ? 7cm is a saute pan height, which is too low for me. I would prefer 10cm to 12cm height.

Hi claus, thanks for your advise too. I cant find the 28cm 7.2L even in fissler’s new updated catalogue. May be it has been disconted? I do see its brother 24cm 4.6L casserole though.

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Darn, it seems to have been discontinued.

The 24 cm roaster is also missing from their lineup now.

At some point I considered buying the 24 cm roaster, but since I have many 24 sauter pans already, I never pulled the trigger. Now it’s also gone.
And you can only buy the 28 cm roaster with the weird looking domed lid and not the regular flat lid.

I’m now glad I bought my Fissler OP pots 4 years ago.

For a 28 cm diameter indeed probably something like 7-8cm. But it’s not that black and white: of course you can brown in tall pots but then it will be more for stock purposes for example, like Claus is doing. There is no right or wrong here: I know some others prefer taller over shorter in the Fissler 28.

Have you considered Paderno? I like it a bit more than Fissler (same specifications) but it isn’t dishwasher safe.

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I just want to say that it’s so nice to have these discussion threads again.

For a long time I really enjoyed such threads on the old Chowhound forum (R.I.P. Chowhound), until some of us started getting a bit vicious and too sarcastic on each other……

I’m trying to stay more neutral and positive in these threads, and a bit more open minded too.

Many of us now have many years of experience with cookware, mostly mid to high end, but also just very effective cheap restaurant grade cookware.

For instance if Padermo was DW safe and was just a tad more well designed, I could easily see myself owning several pots from them in my home kitchen.

A final advice - if the OP decides on ECI cookware, is to consider the rounded big wok like looking Le Creuset ECI pot, called the bouillabaisse pot.

It’s 32 cm wide at the top, has the dark inner enamel similar to Staub (contrary to others I have no problem seeing how brown the stuff is on a black enamel compared to the normal white enamel Le Creuset normally use) and it has the same volume as the Fissler OP 28 cm stewpot - 7.2 litre, sorry it’s only 7.0 litre.

Because of its similarity to a wok shape, It lacks a larger flat surface for when you need to brown meat, a thing the OP Terry specifically needs, but its wok like shape actually lets you brown meat pieces up against the sidewalls and for that reason I love it for larger meat stews like Coq au vin and Osso Buco (for Osso Buco my personal favourite however is my Fissler OP 28 cm 7.2 litre stewpot)

I like it so much, that I actually own two versions of this Le Creuset ECI pot, one in the old smaller handle design in red (cerise) and one in the new larger handle design in orange (flame).

My wife uses this pot for when she makes larger batches of Thai meatballs and larger batches of chicken feet, pork shoulder and prepare pork for larger batches of pad krapow.

I think it’s called the Le Creuset bouillabaisse pot, it’s the 32 cm 7.0 litre version I’m talking about.

It browns meat very effectively for an ECI type cooking vessel, in my opinion it browns meat better than the flatter surfaces regular ECI pots from Le Creuset - can’t tell you why, but it does in my experience.

You can see it here - I own the older red version and the newer orange version.

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Yup, i rather have a bit of more height for capacity than the dome lid , sigh~

I just bought a Paderno GG frying pan for my dad for Christmas. I remember from previous threads here and at CH that it isn’t dishwasher safe, but still managed to find a few places claiming it was - incl. CenturyLife.

I am not expecting it to be dishwasher safe, but would be pleasantly surprised if it was.

Where did you find it? Paderno’s Amazon store is not offering cookware now, and all of the links in Franz’s review turn up “Currently Unavailable”.

Direct from Paderno’s Italian store (I’m in Europe)

Pan arrived - judging from the exposed aluminium at the edge of the base I would definitely not expect it to be dishwasher safe.

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Small price to pay for such a magnificent pan!

I have two Staub cocottes that I love. I also have tin lined copper rondeaus. Depends on what I cook and what mood I’m in. Anything tomato sauce or acid I’d probably not use the cast iron, although I’ve never detected Metallica taste to my food when using it.

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“I’ve never detected Metallica taste to my food when using it.”

It’s never good to have heavy metal in your food.


Ha ha. I do love Metallica :rofl:

This one tastes a tad like “Master of Puppets” and this one like “For Whom the Bells Tolls.” I prefer the "Harvester of Sorrow " rondeau. Most ECI gives me the “Creeping Death” taste.

Is anyone familiar with Nardelli ECI products? I was considering one of their Dutch ovens.

Well it has “guranteed optimal heat distribution”, so you can always return it if it’s just cast iron.

Looks like a Staub with a LC lining at a bargain price. Why not?

That was my logic. Yeah, they’re made in Italia and “assembled” in NJ. It’s a pot with a lid. Wonder how much assembly is required.

Never heard of them. They seem to be a very small company. I wonder who makes their products in Italy. I don’t know of any Italian ECI lines, but I’ve never looked for any, either.