Ebbs Coastal Kitchen - Wave Hotel Pier Village [NJ]


From Facebook:
“Went to soft opening of the new restaurant Ebbs by the new hotel the wave by pier village …unbelievable”

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This pic went along with the Facebook post.

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I’m a little hesitant to say that this is a good review. I use “unbelievable” for mostly really amazingly bad things. Also, it may be just my eyes, but I can’t tell what that dish is in the picture.


It could be me, but is there a menu on their website? I didnt see it but was half asleep when I looked.

Completely agree on “unbelievable”. Similar to when people say something was “interesting”. Is that like ‘oh yes, the sparkling conversation was thrilling and interesting’ or more like ‘yes… that outfit was very… um… how do I put this… interesting…’

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Reservations are available on Open Table!


On their Yelp page along with 14 photos:

From the business


Ebb’s is a Coastal Kitchen serving comfort food - exactly what you want to eat at the beach!

Our menu has a wide selection of raw bar items in addition to signature items like Salmon Poke and Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice. The menu also features unique takes on classic shore food like our Lobster Mac & Cheese, Coastal Cobb Salad and Fish & Chips beer battered with tartar sauce.

Enjoy a side of beach views with every order!

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My DW was walking on the boardwalk in Long Branch today and texted me the menu. I told her to make a reservation on Open Table for this evening. 7 o’clock it is.

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That menu looks like it is quite fairly priced, provided the food is decent. I am surprised.

One thing I notice is more sushi in the central nj area. I guess that is the craze now.

This place, the new yumi, and higo are 3 brand new places I can think of within a few miles.

Here is the drink menu. Everything was unbelievable!

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Great progress on the website:

Some pics from last night

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One more:

We weren’t planning on going out Friday evening, but the thought of checking out a new local restaurant on their first live night exited my DW & I. We arrived at 7PM. The fog had rolled in & the wind was blowing off of the ocean, so we decided to sit inside. The place was not crowded & we were led to a table opposite the bar. I prefer to sit at the bar or away from the bar, but not in between. They moved us to a nice table by the window with an ocean view. From Open Table, they knew that it was our anniversary weekend. My wife ordered THE MAKI (El Jimador Tequila, Lime, Agave) & I started with a RIVER HORSE CLEAR SKIES IPA on draft followed later by a can of CAPE MAY IPA. We decide to split a SUMMER MARKET SALAD (Charred Corn, Kale, Avocado, Tomato, Watermelon, Radish, Quinoa, Lime, Green Goddess Dressing) that was big enough to feed a horse. My wife wanted the BAJA FISH TACOS (Mango Habanero Pico de Gallo, Chipotle Crema, Citrus Cabbage, Cilantro) without the fish being fried. Our waiter checked with the kitchen & said no problem. I ordered the SPICY AHI TUNA BURGER (Soy Glaze, Miso Cabbage Slaw, French Fries). Our waiter informed us that dessert would be on the house (maybe because it was our anniversary), so we split a piece of CLASSIC KEY LIME PIE (Key Lime Curd, Almond Tuile, Toasted Merinque). I tasted everything that my wife had, including her drink, & found every it item put on the table to be top notch. We were very happy to find such quality & value with a restaurant in the new Wave Hotel. Their finer restaurant will be opening soon & we can’t wait to try it.



We went to Ebb’s. Soon there will be an “upscale Mediterranean “ older brother next door named 100 Ocean. We may have considered going there when it opens based upon the bartenders at Ebb’s and their cheerful convivial service. However, in typical corporate bifurcation where the hotel farms off the food and beverage to an independent entity, the two hands are already after two weeks at distinct odds. You have to, (unless you park west of 36) valet your car. OK, not a prob I guess… Wait, what, it’s $10 for the first hour and straight up from there? And you want my name, first and last, and my cell phone # ? And restaurant customers don’t get their parking validated? This is such a non starter for us I wouldn’t care if the booze was free. THE VALET WON’T PARK YOUR CAR UNLESS YOU PAY THEM AND GIVE THEM YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER! Hellz no.


My husband would have a heart attack. The last place we went to with ‘mandatory’ valet, the attendant didn’t know how to drive a stick. I get they are rarer but really???


UGH. Also UGH.

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The Wave Hotel is in Pier Village. Valet parking in Pier Village is an option, but not a necessity.

My husband and I went to the newly advertised happy hour at Ebb’s last night before the Thursday Pier Village concert. The friends whom we were meeting at the concert always frequent the Avenue or Sirena happy hour beforehand. Almost impossible to get a bar stool on most Thursdays. In spite of no parking spots in a half mile radius, the bar at Ebb’s was practically empty at 6 p.m. I ordered my usual Cosmopolitan with Ketel One, Cointreau. Bartender says we don’t have Cointreau. Um, but we ate outside not long ago and that’s what I ordered and was allegedly served. We decided that the waitress from that night (who was odd–I’d swear I posted about that dinner) lied to me.

We ordered 8 oysters (4 for $4) and a spicy tuna roll and a miso salmon roll for $5 each. When the tiny oysters were delivered, I asked where they were from. “East Coast.” Ooookay. “That’s all they tell us.” They were served with the proper accoutrement and were tasty. My husband said they tasted like clams to him. Two rolls came out and they looked the same to us. The bartender and his manager made a point of showing us the color difference of the two fish fillings. After eating a couple of pieces, I took a piece of each and squeezed them and held them together. Showed the bartender that they were exactly the same color. Now, the tuna was like a pink pate. When he came out with the salmon roll with apologies, it was bright orange chunks. The tuna roll was simply not good, too salty for some reason. The salmon roll was so loosely rolled that each piece came apart. We tasted no miso in the salmon roll. We wondered if it got in the tuna roll somehow.

We were thrilled to find barstools, booze, and something to fill our bellies and had a great time at the concert. The Wave, with a very quiet and nice-smelling coffee shop (which had some prepared salads) and Ebb’s, seems to be a best-kept secret so far. I’m sure the tourists will keep it going. I’ll hit the happy hour again but I do not love the food at this place.

What the hell kind of bar doesn’t have Cointreau?? I’m a bit skeptical…

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I know, right?! Especially considering all of the high-end brands of booze on the shelf. I asked the bartender if he could influence getting Cointreau stocked. The bartender commented, while gesturing with his eyes toward upstairs, that his manager’s favorite drink is cointreau on the rocks…doh! Synapse!

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