EBay restaurants - Uber or Lyft?

We need to start using one of these services as parking is just getting to be a super hassle everywhere.

Which do you prefer? And why?

Any help is much appreciated!

It has been a while since I have used either (1-year) so take this as just my experience. Prior to being laid off tho I used Uber/Lyft probably 100 times a year, maybe more.

My personal preference at the end was Lyft. However, that preference was due to some changes in the Uber app made a few years ago, tipping and driver experience. Once I left Uber I tried not to use it again.

  1. Lyft had the option to tip, Uber did not. I think they do now. I wanted a truly cashless experience and at first Uber was not that. The drivers expected a tip and the whole point of ride sharing is cashless riding.

  2. Lyft drivers seemed to like working for Lyft more than Uber (and they said so) and most work for both. I would often ask and they seemed to gripe about Uber and like Lyft better. Obviously, if you like your employer, you are going to be much happier so I always had more pleasant ride with Lyft.

  3. I had bad experiences with Uber in the beginning where several drivers would show up and not want to take me because the ride was too far. I frequently did SF to LG and that was problematic for some Uber driver but I never had an issue with Lyft.

  4. I liked the Lyft App much better and the Uber App changes was why I switched. Things could have changed in the last year, I dont know.

Sorry, my experiences are a year old, but I did Uber/Lyft for 3 years, likely over 100 rides per year. To airport, non-airport, dinners, etc. However, once I was dissatisfied with Uber, and found satisfaction in Lyft, I never bothered to use Uber again.

I would try both, see what you like.

Thank you! That is the kind of feedback I was looking for. Much appreciated!

Curious how that could happen. Your punch in your destination prior to confirming your ride, and your driver should know your destination before accepting your ride?

Uber has had the option to add tip on the app for about 6 months now.

For new Uber and Lyft customers, make sure to take advantage of the signup bonus. I recall it was at least $20 off the first ride. Also, if you have a friend that already uses Uber/Lyft, use their referral number and they will get a bonus discount as well.

No, they do not know their destination. I repeatedly asked. They do not know. The drivers say that the company does not want them to pick and chose their rides.

Thanks, I was under a total false impression.

I signed up for both Uber and Lyft, but have only used Uber thus far. Main reason being Uber is more ubiquitous in many of the countries I visit. I’ve used Uber in more than 5 countries, and have quite enjoyed the service. Especially in countries where the native language is not English. Its good to avoid any possible confusion about the final destination, and less possibility of a taxi taking you on the “tourist” route from the airport to your hotel.

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Lyft. What they don’t (seem to) stand for, and I prefer the App. But I don’t use it where I live. Only when I travel.

I’m in nyc but have used both frequently. Generally i would use Uber for work travel because in nyc they are more expensive due to fluctuations in price related to how busy they are- and i can choose between regular car or uberx (uberx is usually a nicer larger car)
I really like that the latest version of the uber app lets me see how many rides the driver has made for uber- ie my last driver had 18,000 rides! I feel like I’m in better hands with a “professional driver” than a college kid trying to make pocket money.
Also had positive experiences using uber overseas, totally seamless experience.

Lyft i use personally since it’s less expensive in nyc-but also generally the cars aren’t as nice or well maintained here. They show options to have a shared ride or private ride but no car upgrade. Also no visibility as to driver experience.
Many drivers here also work for both companies, but also it’s rare that new yorkers instigate conversations with drivers aside from initial pleasantries so I don’t know if they prefer one service over another.

I have both apps and will often check both to see which one has a car closer to me and what the differences are in cost
Definitely look online for a promo code for when you join and/or ask a friend for their promo code

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Thanks to everyone who is contributing. This is great info and really helps!

Some Uber drivers will pull the trick of calling you after accepting your ride, but prior to picking you up, to ask you where you are going. If they don’t like wherever that is they will cancel the ride (they can cancel some number of times without penalty I believe). Learned about this the hard way at SFO last week-wasn’t a huge deal since there are plenty of cars available for pickup at the airport most of the time, but a little annoying.

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Interesting. Monday at SFO. Requested a ride to San Francisco. App advised car was initially 3 minutes away, reasonable. After a few minutes, the car did not seem to be getting any closer. I texted the driver my exact location, driver acknowledged.

Few minutes go by, still not getting any closer. I phoned and talked to driver. She claimed she had driven by and had to circle around. The app did not show her anywhere near us at any time. Waited a few more minutes and it was apparent she was not getting any closer, I canceled and rebooked.

I was hit with a $5 cancellation fee, “for the driver’s time”. To Uber’s credit, they immediately credited the fee after I complained.

Don’t know if this was an incompetent driver, or a cancellation scammer. 1st time in dozens of rides, so giving Uber the benefit of the doubt.

I’ve seen that one happen before also, I think. Not sure if it is the result of wanting to make a quick buck off the cancellations, drivers in Millbrae/San Bruno who only want a local fare (that is, a pickup that’s not at the airport) before logging off so they don’t have to go all the way to SF, or something else entirely.

What you say is true, my bro is an Uber driver and told me about these tricks, althought you can’t abuse because you can get flagged and warned.

Read an article about Uber (now Didi) tricks in China.

Driver shows up wearing a horrible mask. The fare freaks and cancels. Driver pockets cancellation fee, next.