Eats in the Mount Shasta general area (NorCal)

@emglow101, seeing the you’re heading back to the Shasta area, I emailed my friend (who enjoys and cooks GREAT food!) asking her recs. Here’s her reply:

" Anyway, McCloud is not a bastion of good eats. They have a diner that is decent. It’s called the Mountain Cafe or White Mountain on the corner of the Mercantile Building. Also, the McCloud Hotel’s restaurant is open again, I think, and that’s pretty good, not outstanding.
If they want the best in the county, drive over to Dunsmuir and go to Cafe Maddalena. That’s outstanding for here. Also in Dunsmuir is the Cornerstone for breakfast or lunch. That’s very good. The brewery in Dunsmuir is pretty good too.
Mt. Shasta doesn’t have much in the way of good restaurants anymore.
There is a good Thai – Amandana – but it takes a long time as the chef/owner does it all from scratch herself. Also, there’s a very good vegetarian Indian restaurant called Maruti’s.
The rest are average or below average."

Hope this helps you.

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Thanks Cat . I haven’t been to Magdalena yet . Just got back from the brewery . I have been coming up here a lot .White Mountain in Mc cloud is decent for breakfast . Nothing for breakfast in Shasta except Black bear diner ( yuck )

Really? re Black Bear Diner. We have one in Reno and their house made spicy sausage patty is really good. As are their hashbrowns (extra crispy). Do you ever get up to Yreka? The Hi-Lo has super breakfast.

The Hi- Lo is where the Black Bear Diner originated in Weed . I had a great lunch there with a grilled cheese and the navy bean soup was excel… I think for under 6 bucks . Black Bear sold to corporate . Now its just Sysko food .

I disagree with you about Black Bear. We eat breakfast there probably twice a month and are always please. Black Bear has franchisees.

Honestly you see hard to please. Sorry about that.

I’m just to damn picky I guess . I know one thing walking my favorite dive bar 300 feet away . Back tomorrow , Happy May 5th

Perhaps try some of the other places my friend mentioned.

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If you go as far as Yreka, you might as well cruise on over the Mountain to see us in Ashland.
Farmers market on Tuesday and Saturday +
All sorts of stuff.
Most of Mt Shasta heads this way for their fun, rather than Redding.

Having lived in Grants Pass for a long time I agree with you. But if you’re working in the Shasta/Dunsmuir/etc area you’re not going to go to Ashland.

Dogwood Diner in Dunsmuir has good food including nice breakfasts. The vegetarian Indian place in Mt. Shasta is worthwhile. There must be something other than chain food for breakfast in Mt. Shasta. Berryvale is open and has decent stuff. The family that sells tamales sometimes across the street from Berryvale makes tasty ones. The cafe inside McCloud Mercantile was a nice one, but I think they’ve closed.

As mentioned by others, Ashland has all sorts of options, but I agree that it’s too far for an every day kind of option.

Restarting and looking for a Mt Shasta dining rec. Emglow I think you live in this area right? We will be passing through in a week on our way to Carmel. Might need a dinner and a breakfast place. It’ll be a Sun night and Mon morn. Anything good? Cuisine totally irrelevant. In a small town, I know, one can’t be too picky. Thanks!

Please stay home

Breakfast passing through
7 suns cafe good coffee and teas to go . Breakfast burritos and other. It will serve the urge . Love this stone building also .

2 .Tree house restaurant part of the the Best Western hotel . Good view of the mountain.

Breakfast or lunch. Typical menu. It works .
My number 1 is the Garden Tap . For dinner . Check the hours .
Wood fired pizza with salads and other in a gorgeous garden setting . Beer and wine .

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Sorry for the typo . I dont know what happened

Thank you. We’ve gone to one place a couple times before. I wonder if it is the Garden Tap, because it was a deck sort of built around a big tree, with cutouts in the deck for trunks and branches. The photos look a little same, little different. Could be new ownership and reconstruction. In any case, I strongly suspect that whatever we get will be to go, and we’ll try to sit somewhere away from people to eat. That’s been our thing. We haven’t dined in and don’t plan to…

If within the last 2 years

Oh gosh, I think it’s been at least 5 and maybe more 7 years since we’ve driven through.