Eats along the Crosstown Trail (SF)

Urban hikers and cyclists will be pleased to learn the map for a San Francisco Crosstown Trail is out. The 17 miler runs from Candlestick Point to Lands End.

Anyone thinking of doing the full extent and if so, what are your thoughts on where to snack, have meals, or grab a drink?


It kind of depends on how much of a detour someone is willing to do for a bite. If you want to stick strictly to the route, and start from Land’s End, there’s pretty much nothing to eat until you hit Park Presidio. If you don’t mind deviating a bit from the route, there’s tons of stuff on that stretch of Clement between 33rd and Park Presidio.

The stretch between 16th/Irving and Glen Park BART is entirely residential, except for that little shopping center where Dewey/Woodside/Laguna Honda meet near Forest Hill Muni station.

Places within 1-2 blocks of the trail (I’m mostly only including places I’ve tried):

House of Bagels
Lou’s Sandwiches
Tancca (boba)
Sichuan Home
Great Mongolia Nomads
Dong Bei Mama
Wooden Charcoal BBQ
My Tofu House

Pho Huynh Hiep 2/Kevin’s Noodle House
Taco Shop at Underdog’s
Pineapple King Bakery
Hole in the Wall Pizza
King of Noodles
Izakaya Sozai

(Haven’t been to any of the places in that Forest Hill shopping center, although My Pot has good Yelp reviews)

L’Ptit Laurent
La Corneta
Pebbles Cafe (have not tried, bills itself as a “Brazilian Cafe”, could be interesting)

Balompie #3
Rinconcito Salvadoreno

Looks like there are a few places near the Visitacion Valley stretch of the trail. AFAIK there is nowhere to eat from that point all the way to the tip of Candlestick Point, unless you arrange for friends to show up with stuff to grill in the park there.


You’ve suggested quite a good crawl! :slight_smile:

Do you have a favorite at Lou’s?

Adding to your list in the Richmond, Breadbelly for pastries (though, their French-toast-like take on Kaya toast wouldn’t be ideal for a trek) and First Korean Market for picnic items.

Near the Visitacion section there’s Piccolo Pete’s (their adjacent cafe is a good stop for a quick breakfast and is open early), and Pho Luen Fat (which I seem to have bookmarked for an unknown reason— anyone eat there before?)

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Only went to Lou’s once, years ago, and don’t really remember what I had (maybe some pastrami and turkey thing?). I do remember preferring it to Ike’s FWIW…


Saltroot Cafe is near the Land’s End side of the trail at Clement/31st and is one of a couple places where you can try pao de queijo in the city. I like theirs better fresh but some reason the frozen ones at Mercado do Brasil around Valencia/24th come out better at home.

I was inspired by hearing about this to take a long, long walk a couple days ago that ended up overlapping almost none of the trail, but I did make a point of going to Pineapple King, which was probably the best pineapple bun I’ve had in these parts, even late in the day and slightly stale.


I finished only Section 2 - Glen Park Bart Station to Forest Hill Muni Metro Station, 3.1 mi, 740 ft elev gain because it was 92F in SF Sun 6/9/19. I would recommend eating at La Corneta Taqueria (haven’t tried, a big tip it’s next to Kern where you need to make a Left to do the hike) or Gialina Pizzeria (good pizzas) that’s near Glen Park Bart Station.

Glen Canyon Park has restrooms in Rec Center Bldg - I didn’t check it, but I should have.

Laguna Honda Hospital has the coolest thing: Virginia Leishman farm (check hrs) where there’s bathrooms, drinking fountains, and small farm with goats, sheep, pigs. When I went the goats were sitting in the shade it was so hot!



At glen park I can recommend two other place:

  1. canyon market - a great grocery store similar to bi-rite
  2. cafe bello for your caffeine needs

There is also destination bakery a couple of blocks away on chenery which has quite good baked goods

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Canyon is a great idea. They have good sandwiches, and their deli counter has Mexican items like chicken Tinga you wouldn’t expect to see at a bougie market.

On Friday, Destination Bakery makes what is arguably SF’s best challah. If you’re lucky, there are some loaves left on Saturday mornings

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I saw this in one of my emails, best 9 bars along SF’s new Crosstown Trail from InsideHook:


I did yesterday Crosstown Trail Section 3 & 4. Section 3 North (2.1 mi/500’ elev gain) has tons of stairs!! There are 2 along the sections - I picked up 2 free old books, don’t know when I’ll have time to read them. Section 3 goes to 16th Ave Tiled Steps & Hidden Garden Steps. I saw Banh Mi & Boba (any hounds try it?) & Yummy Dumpling (read on Yelp it’s only for take-out frozen dumplings).

Section 4 - is an easy 2.3 mi/120’elev gain going by Stow Lake, Rose Garden & Park Presidio Trail. You end up at Geary/Park Presidio. I walked to Bread Belly on Clement and had their excellent Kaya Toast $7 - sweet, gooey coconut pandan jam w/ condensed milk on their crispy milk bread. Tried their sesame horchata $6 because it’s a cold drink, I found it too sweet, still finished it. They have 2 unisex bathrooms in the back.



I did Section 1 Crosstown Trail Sunrise Point Fishing Pier to Glen Park Bart Station. Took the T-Muni line to Neighbor Bakehouse because I wanted to get pastries. I got ginger pull-apart $4.5 and Blueberry almond bostock $5. I liked the ginger pull-apart slightly better because it had hint of ginger & sugar on the bottom. Saw on my phone that Candlestick Point was still 4 miles away so got back on the T to Gillman/Third. I don’t recommend Gillman, it’s an ugly walk through residential homes & then boring road to Candlestick Point SRA. They also recommend going from Third/Arleta T-stop. That’s a nicer walk but I didn’t want to have to do that twice, will do that next time if I ever repeat the hike.

The views at Candlestick Point SRA were ok and lots of bathrooms. There looks like drinking water at the campsites but I didn’t try out the fountains. Visitacion Valley greenway is nice, there was one section with nice playground, the herb garden has some sculptures.

Noticed Mission Blue coffee tea shop and they welcome Crosstown hikers. I didn’t stop in.

McLaren Park has bathrooms and Jerry Garcia Amphitheater. On 8/4/19 there’s Jerry Day.

After getting to Glen Park Station I went to Taqueria Corneta and had a veggie burrito - it was large and only $5.42 after tax, Cash only. Went across the street to Bello and had a matcha latte which was nice.




Finished up the Crosstown Trail with Section 5 - Park Presidio/Geary to Lands End Sat 6/27/19. Hike was ok, lots of stairs on the Lands End Coastal Trail. Bus 38 is a block away from the Visitor Center so easy to get back to Downtown.

Afterwards we took Muni 38 to Muni 28 to eat at Pho Huynh Hiep 2/Kevin’s Noodle House. I had the small Hu Tieu noodle soup $7.50 and friend had beef noodle soup. We both liked our dish. Free hot tea given.

Then we walked up the street to Pineapple King Bakery where I got a Sesame Pineapple Bun $1.65 before tax, it was ok. The famous one is Pineapple Bun w/ Butter $1.75 - you ask for it and they bring it from the back kitchen. I’ll have to try it next time. Friend likes the butter bun and Baguette toast w/ condensed milk $1.50.