Eating wrap-up and a love letter to Lex Farm [Lexington MA]

I’ve been so silly swamped with work lately, I’ve only had time to read everyone else’s wonderful posts in batches at night in bed on my iPhone before passing out. The 3 of us have continued eating out, ranging from:

  • Another weekend up in Portland ME in late March [the always tasty Anju in Kittery and Liquid Riot were standouts]

  • A perfectly fine brunch at Cook [Newton MA]

  • Fun time at Flatbread/Sacco’s Bowl Haven [Somerville MA]

  • Surprisingly decent lunch at Lexx followed by a dismal dinner another night [Lexington MA]

  • Great and voluminous lunch at Lenny’s [Branford CT]

  • Fun visit to Stony Creek taproom [Branford CT]

  • Relaxing lunch in the sun at Bob Lobster - B’s first time there! [Plum Island MA]

  • Yet another delicious post-Museum of Science lunch at the Druid [Cambridge MA]

  • Branchline was good as always last weekend lunchtime [Watertown MA]

  • Disappointing lunch at Rapscallion [Concord MA] (we love the Acton location)

  • Raucous and fun lunch at Lobster Shanty, post Peabody-Essex Museum (XYZT was an awesome exhibit!)

And the list goes on but I do take notes once in a while…everything else escapes me…but the recent food experiences that resonate most with me are both from LexFarm [Lexington MA]. We are within a 3 minute bike ride…my 3.5 yo spring onion has grown up visiting that farm. I participated in an “Edible Weed Walk” Memorial Day weekend on a cold, soggy Sunday. 20 of us showed up, eager to learn! Led by the capable and charismatic KC, I learned more than I have in a long time about any subject matter. Then a salad was made with our catch. On my way out, I whispered to Tim the farmer, “I wanna be her when I grow up!”

On that same day, the first of their experimental early planting of strawberries was for sale. The students of the Weed Walk class were given some free samples - flavor explosion. Needless to say, I bought 2 pints on the spot ($5/pint). Spring onion and I went again this past Monday - the farm stand was closed but they were offering the strawberries on the honor system - take your berries, please pay in the lock box. When’s the last time you saw that near the city? Outside of Greater Boston, sure, but within 128, never, at least in my experience. As we were leaving after jumping in puddles, we saw Tim on the tractor, heading out to the fields. He gave a big hearty wave, as did we.


Great write-up. Lex Farms has come a long way and is a great community resource!


ooh, I would like this. I can spot purslane and lamb’s quarters and Japanese knotweed, but not too many beyond those.


There are 2 more scheduled walks…July 22 and August 19. It was fun and a great way to reduce your blood pressure and commune with nature with like-minded food folks. I might do the July and/or August class because there will be new/mature edible weeds cropping up then.