Eating well in the boonies, i.e. State College, PA

The author did her research. While I may disagree with including the Berkey creamery (overrated IMNHO, but I know alums and visitors alike LURV to stand in line for the experience/nostalgia), or including BRGR - a shitty chain with shitty service, shitty drinks, and country music on heavy rotation, it mentions many of my personal favorites in town.

Look, ma! It’s not just student bars, pizza & wings :wink:


Have you been to Oeuf Boeuf et Bacon yet?

Chef Clark was a legend here in DC. I miss her cooking.

I have, once for a prix fixe VD dinner that had some issues (mostly temp), a couple of times for breakfast (also just ok - omelet and œufs en cocotte), and once for her famous fried chicken. I can only assume that the chicken had been sitting for a bit bc the breading - possible the most flavorful I’ve had - wasn’t crispy all over and came off easily. I’d expected more, TBH.

Also, due to staffing issues they are only open until 3pm, and so I haven’t had a chance to try some of the heartier fare, as I prefer a lighter lunch.

I do wish them success, and they’ve started doing a Sunday 3-course prix fixe for $30 that seems to be fairly popular. I’ll try that one when I’m back in town, for sure.

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I love food in the “boonies” and make it a point to look for good eats when on bike trips throughout the mid-Atlantic. IME, university towns often have good stuff on account of the educated population who tends to be more culturally diverse. Anyway, recently had 3 very good meals in Lancaster PA and Harrisburg area.

My only visit to State College was a college trip with #2 a few years back. We were at the tail end of a very long driving grand tour and were pretty exhausted so didn’t optimize the eating experience.

The dining scene in State College has def improved since I moved there over 20 yrs ago (MY GAWD has it been that longggg??? :scream:). We have a large Chinese & Korean contingent, so good-to-very good places for those cuisines have been around for a while… very good Sichuan, which we therefore rarely seek out while traveling. There is refined new American, some creative farm-to-table places, good distilleries that have won awards, cideries, and breweries. There is a non-traditional taco place I visit every Friday for their Cajun shrimp tacos, and there’s also an Oaxacan-style taco place that blessed our town about 4 years ago, when I finally understood the appeal of “Mexican” food thanks to their lardilicious carnitas tacos :hearts:

We have some decent Middle Eastern & Turkish, Pakistani, and very good ramen and good sushi. I guess I really can’t complain - certainly not as much as I used to :rofl:

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