Eating Near JFK

We will be taking our daughter to JFK next Sunday for a 4:00 pm flight and are looking for some restaurant suggestions for a late lunch/early dinner after we drop her off. We are open to all types of cuisine and would prefer something that may be signature to the area or otherwise unusual.

Thank you for you help

There is really nothing HOworthy in the vicinity of JFK. What route are taking to and from the airport? Once I know that, I might be able to offer some suggestions.

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Not especially close to JFK but if you’re driving it’s close enough- i say you go to Flushing and to the Golden Shopping mall food court- that’s an odd time of day for most restaurants who won’t be serving dinner yet but the food court is open all day with an overwhelming number of vendors, snack your way through a bunch of the stalls- just be sure to bring cash. It will be very very difficult to actually eat $20 of food per person.
I’m certainly not an expert on the vendors there and haven’t been in a very long time but this older serious eats article is helpful and mentions a few other nearby spots. Be sure to go to one of the groceries for fresh noodles and more asian specialty ingredients than you can imagine

Thank you so much for the recommendation. Several posters on the NJ board where I usually post (I was hedging my bets) suggested The Golden Mall as well. It looks the perfect option as we can try several different things in one outing.


It’s overwhelming in the best possible way! Just be sure to go hungry :))

No need to go all the way to Flushing to get good food near JFK, and Golden Mall has seen much better days in my opinion. I would suggest that you stay nearby and go to Ozone Park for Trinidadian food. Sonny’s Roti is right by the Leffert’s Avenue A, and Trinciti Roti is a few more blocks away. Both have excellent doubles (a very under appreciated food in this City), curry rotis, etc… Don’t expect great comfort.

Thank you so much for this recommendation. We will be picking up our daughter next Saturday and this sounds the perfect post-flight meal.