Eating Invasive Species (and Other "Pests")

SciTech Now had an episode about eating invasive species:

(It’s the second segment and includes a discussion after the Explorers Club dinner video.)

Are they suggesting people eat carp? :confused:

I hate watching videos online… I don’t have time for it, so I didn’t watch it. That said, I and some other friends who are foragers (restaurateurs, professional foragers, amateur mycologists, etc.) forage a lot, and always try to help eradicate invasive species of flora that have escaped into the wild.

As for other stuff, fauna, insects, etc. I’m all for eating them. If you want to, then go for it. My days of hunting critters and eating them are long gone. Especially bugs, reptiles, etc. After a career as a world traveler, professional wilderness guide, mountain climber, white and flat water paddler, mountain and wilderness rescue, and survival expert I ate a lot of things that were invasive, and/or downright weird.

CJ, carp can be tasty, depends where they are caught. From stagnant ponds and polluted waters? Yuch! But from rivers and lakes? They can be very tasty, but the are a nuisance to clean. I remember reading that they are the most widely eaten fish in the world. They are a popular game fish in much of the US, but northerners have a prejudice against them for some reason.

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I, too, hate watching videos on line, so I didn’t watch it either. However, don’t a lot of Asian cultures eat carp?

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yes and it’s not just Asian cultures–carp is eaten commonly in Germany as well where it’s a traditional Xmas eve meal.

I just read a book by Jackson Landers called One Man’s Adventures Hunting Invasive Animal Species which was all that great (his style is a little repetitive) but had some interesting stuff about hunting and eating invasive species like green iguanas, lionfish, asian carp, nutria etc.


I agree on watching videos (I am at least a year behind on ones people send me–and those are just the ones that look interesting!). But I figured some people might be interested, and the topic itself is worth noting. (My avatar is me eating a tarantula in Cambodia, so you can tell where I stand on this!)

Yes, and the varieties that are eaten in Chinese culture at least are really tasty!

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I’m specifically referring to the crazy invasive Asian carp where they host competitions to see who can net the most out of the air. Do people anywhere eat those?

Yes, Asian carp (multiple varieties of carp are considered Asian carp) is a common fish in Chinese cuisine.

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I’ve eaten lionfish and it’s great.
If you like catfish and tilapia then you should have no problem with carp

I just read that, too. It’s scary how the government is actively
not working on the problem, if he’ s telling the whole truth