Eating House, Poipu, Kauai, Hawaii

Other than the local Kauai newspaper, I couldn’t find any real reviews of this somewhat new restaurant from Roy Yamaguchi. Most everything I read simply repeated parts of the press release from the restaurant’s PR team.

The service was good and they were very kid friendly. Views are nice, especially the views into, through, and out of the kitchen. Half of our dishes were slightly over salted (I could eat it but needed a bowl of rice). None were particularly interesting. I’d prefer to go to Merrimans in the same shopping complex, or better yet, Dolphin.

Is this in the same center as Roy’s?
The only Roy’s I go to anymore is the best one in Waikiki…Roy’s is sometimes there and a good guy.
Keoki’s Paradise for happy hour is one of my faves…
Have you been to Red Salt across the street…one of the best resto in Kauai.

Heading to Maui this year and do love Kauai…might have to go for the day…love snorkeling Poipu and swim my turtles…

No this is the upscale shopping center in Poipu, there are no other Roys places in this shopping center. It’s smart to stick with the location where Roy actually does some cooking.

Yes, I’ve been to a Red Salt. It was good although I had to send my fish back because it was overcooked. It was yellowtail and so dry from over cooking that it tasted like well done swordfish. Everyone else’s dishes at our 12 person table were executed properly.

The food in Maui is better than Kauai but the snorkeling and small town feel is more to my liking in Kauai.