Eating ethically while travelling

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Wel, yes, that’s all well and good. But doesnt most of the unethical part of trips come from the flying to get to, say, Indonesia or Paris?


Can we stop inventing reasons to belittle others while making ourselves feel artificially superior?


Well, Paris, Ontario is on my way home to London, Ontario from Toronto. I don’t feel too bad about that stopover.

I’m glad Toronto has a Little Portugal I can walk to, because around 200 Canada-bound travellers have been stuck at the Lisbon airport for the past 2 days due to a screw-up with Air Transat plus whatever 2022 airport issues are taking place around the world.

Re: eating ethically while travelling for me

Not so different from how I eat at home. I feel better if I support indie coffee shops and restaurants. I prefer slower food. I like seasonal foods. I like checking out markets while travelling. I also like taking photos of menus at McD’s or Burger King while traveling. I probably will try a regional fast food shop if it’s something I haven’t tried before.

I don’t care how other people eat at home or while travelling.


That’s why I leave all my cars running at a fast idle. I never turn them off. Ever. I have a Mercedes in California that’s been idling since 2004. I also water my grass every day.

It’s my little protest.

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Watering ethically?

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Is it ethical to let your trees die of thirst?
The butterflies thank me for watering my pollinators.

One can water according to local watering schedules…here if you water every day you’ll win yourself a lively fine.


Bookmarked. I’m having irrigation issues.


Here in Central NJ, lots of people water their lawns et al. We haven’t watered our lawn, or shrubs, or trees, in at least thirty years, and they haven’t died yet.


Where I live, I water the lawn maybe twice a week during dry spells.
I water my veg garden and my flowers once a day.

I’m thinking you might live in one of those places where water comes from the sky! I visited Orlando last week and there were clouds, rain, thunder, lightning. Mind blown!

ETA I’m joking. I used to live in New York and I remember rain.


Well, then, gosh, that would be the end of the internet as we know it.



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Although it raises some important questions regarding ethical consumption (which also involves selecting restaurants that are not run by white cismen, or choosing restaurants with better labour practices) it falls into the trap I hate: the individualisation (and responsibilisation) of the climate emergency. I mean, I agree that we should all do what we can, but food waste and plastics goes well beyond the issue of what spoils in our fridge or straws: It’s about corporate practices on a massive scale-- practices not being stopped by many governments.

I mean, I feel better limiting the waste I produce wherever since it is kinder to the places I go to (not about to litter in someone else’s home) but what exactly else am I doing? Is it my air travel that is really so much the problem? Or would we be better served by more municipalities providing infrastructure to take us from a car-centric set up (and to make it practical and available)? Or perhaps better subsidies for rail travel?

I suppose one good thing about travel, if people opened their eyes to issues facing different places, is how best practice in food choices changes-- sustainable agriculture is different everywhere. It could be a lesson in how no single universally applied diet will save us from environmental collapse.

I’m blethering. I will say I don’t think individuals doing this are seeing to perform superiority-- I think many people are genuinely (and rightly) fearful and want to do something. The challenge is what, and not to make choices that corporations can draw on for their own greenwashing/marketing purposes.


My friend ate far more ethically while traveling. He would buy a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter and eat that every meal during travel to save money , save environment.


When I went on a ski trip to Lake Tahoe with a group of 40 Canadians, we stayed at a big cookie cutter hotel that included a buffet breakfast. (Ick from me- I’m scared of picking up Norwalk or e coli because other hotel guests can have rather disgusting manners at an included buffet)

One person on my trip took an entire loaf of Wonder bread, including the bag, on Breakfast Day 1, made an entire loaf’s worth of PB & jam sandwiches, putting them back in the Wonder bread bag, and carried his bag of premade sandwiches with him to the hill each day, to save money at lunch time.

I was paying around $20 for a sandwich/taco and cappuccino at a ski hill cafeteria, but that brings me joy.

I love travel. I’m not travelling beyond my region because I am avoiding Covid and Monkey Pox in a big way- to protect people in my life. Not judging others for their choices, but making an effort to spend my money in a way that feels right.

I like supporting the communities I visit.


(1) What does this mean? (2) What does it mean in the context of your post?


That sounds overwhelmingly depressing. :frowning:


Avoiding monkeypox should not be difficult.