Eating alone? Get a eating companion.

Article is not in English, but you can get the idea by looking at the pictures. Its a new Japanese app that provides a ‘companion’ when you eat ramen alone. You take a picture of the ramen bowl, and your companion will be eating the same bowl.

In light of the recent pho controversy, does it tell you the proper technique for eating ramen? :slight_smile:

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I thought the same too, but think about it… this is to much different than singing in the shower.

I don’t think one sings in the shower because one is afraid or ashamed to be there alone,
but there are countless people who don’t want to face eating without a companion.

Apparently that wasn’t the first one. This app is from Nissin. Last year Nissin made a web site with a famous Japanese actor ‘accompanying’ people eating ramen.

I guess the boys felt left out last year.

The ladies in the app slurp.

I eat alone all the time. It is not about me. I get it.

I guess I am looking it at a different angle. Despite the advertisement, I don’t think this app really going to make anyone thinks they are eating with a companion. it is not fooling you nor fooling me. I think this app is just being funny like looking at yourself in a distorted mirror.

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First, I often eat alone and I have no problems with it at all. As the matter of fact I enjoy the “down time” to be honest.

Second, I really don’t understand what any of this is all about, a cartoon character to eat with?

Third, does this have anything to do with poke mon?

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I think its just entertainment. No different from us staring at our phones on something else when we eat alone. And its probably pretty good marketing too for that line of noodles. ‘Look, weird ramen eating app! Let’s check it out! Oh, new noodle products!’