Eater: Whole Foods' Relationship with Small Purveyors is Not Going Well

Hoo-boy. Also I don’t quite understand how Whole Foods could get away with breaking a seven year contract with AtlantaFresh - how is this legally possible?

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I feel like I’m just watching a car crash in slow motion…
amazon’s legal team must have found a loophole in the contract or paid a penalty of some sort, but what a truly horrible and crummy way to treat a purveyor- regardless of musical management at WF. And wtf? Isn’t whole foods where people shop to buy local grass fed dairy??


This is increasingly dismaying.


Buy from local independent grocery where practical. Where purchase power is concentrated in a few large grocery chains, it decreases leverage for the small purveyors.

If WF is centralizing its purchasing, then I guess it’ll have fewer of those products made by local small producers. Then its going to increasingly look like the organic selection of places like Safeway- generic ‘organic’ items that are expensive and not substantially different from cheaper non-organic versions.


Except the irony is that whole foods actually killed a lot of those small independent groceries when moving into the neighborhood…


Not too surprising, sadly. I have noticed so many things at WF that I really dislike now. They run out of products and do not re-stock. The coffee beans, which used to be roasted in store, used to have “roast date” written on bin; now, no more in-house roasting and bins give “fill date”. Less bakery items from WFs local bake house, more pre-packaged stuff. Many grocery items no longer carried. Also, employees seem much less happy there. It is turning into an Amazon warehouse. No thanks.

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