Tinned Seafood Is the Perfect Lisbon Souvenir. Yes, Really. It’s easy to take the flavor of the city home with you


Don’t even think about leaving Lisbon without filling up your suitcase with colorful tins of fish. They are the city’s spirit, sealed and canned. Shelves in every corner of the city sit stacked with cans of sardines, horse mackerel, tuna, anchovies, octopus, eel, and more. Some shops sell nothing but tinned fish. It’s the perfect souvenir, as these cans will stay preserved long after you’ve left the city, and the bright labels and intricate paper wrappings make for a stylish but affordable food gift.


Doing it!

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@shrinkrap, I can attest that tinned seafood is a tasty treat to bring back from Portugal. A couple years ago, I bought a few tins of Azorean tuna preserved using different preparations. Each can contained a pristine chunk of tuna that was like a perfect little filet.

ETA: The brand I chose was Santa Catarina. I’ll bet there are lots of other great choices.

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I am actually in Porto. Heading to Lisbon tommorow.

At Mercearia dass Flores

Linked in Conservas de Peixe: The Tasty but Discernible Truth Behind Canned Fish in Portugal


The mother lode of tinned fish. Enjoy! :grinning:


@shrinkrap, if you are still in Porto there’s a chocolate maker/shop called Chocolateria Equador that you may like. I visited in Lisbon but their main operations are in Porto.

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Thank you!

I don’t think that’s where we went, but it was also on that street, das Flores.

Hot chocolate got husband’s seal of approval! Better than that place (Angelina’s?) in Paris.


I know! Perfect!

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Hoping to check it out at our next stop; Lisbon!

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