Eater Award 2015 for Boston

Continuing the discussion from Cafe ArtScience becoming one of our standbys (Cambridge):

Eater published their Eater Award for Boston earlier.

Restaurant of the Year:

Nominees: Cafe ArtScience, Loyal Nine, Select Oyster Bar, Shepard, Townsman
Finalists: Cafe ArtScience, Select Oyster Bar, Townsman
Winner: Townsman

Curious how they came up with their original nominee list. My guess its a combination of quality and hype. Uni covered Cafe ArtScience in the thread quoted above. What are your thoughts on their initial nominee list and the winner decision?

I think this is pretty much on the mark. I’m sure eater takes into account what restaurants generate traffic on their site, as they must for the heat maps they put out. I found the nominees for all their award categories to be hit and miss, as these things generally are. The actual voting can obviously be gamed in many ways, so the end winners are not at all reliable. My thoughts on Townsman were also posted in an earlier thread:

I’ve never been to loyal Nine, but would take any of the other nominees (and many other restaurants in general) over Townsman. I was very eager for Townsman to open, so for me it would better qualify as disappointment of the year.

Eater is generally an excellent source of info, but these awards are whatever.

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