Eaten any dish lately whose novelty blew your mind in a good way?

Just curious. We recently dined in Hawaii, and ordered a vegetable sushi roll that had some fantastic fillings, like mushrooms and fiddlehead ferns. But the real wow moment was that they had fried some dark quinoa and mixed just a smidge of into their sushi rice. So the outside of the roll had perhaps 30 grains of quinoa, which added a crack, crisp, and pop that I’d never had with sushi before. It was phenomenal.

What unique/novel thing have you eaten out lately?

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flamed jumbo shrimp and scallops on a stick with mango and coconut meat chunks at the meet and greet portion of a concert in Spain circa 1999. I have recreated it at home and parties but that first time is golden.

First pig roast was also memorable and the anticipation left most of us too buzzed and tired to work the concert crowd hours later. …but oh my was it fantastical.

My memory might be dulled…could have been dates not coconuts on that flaming skewer😉 but it was fun!

They lit the skewer on fire? I’m having a tough time visualizing…

Squirrel bon-bons at Michelin starred Forest Side, in March this year.

Had a really good burger from a new place on Sunday afternoon- the Mac Daddy. The bun is deep fried mac and cheese patties. Totally worth the heartburn eating wheat gives me to try it once.

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Metal skewers doused with brandy.

A burger joint nearby makes a mac n cheese burger thats darn tasty. I couldnt make it a frequent thing but I join you in its glory.