Eataly London

I’m never too far from home these days, but a few weeks ago leaving Liverpool Street Station, I noticed that on the ground floor of Broadgate, a sign - Eataly. I had heard it was coming to London but I hadn’t realised it would be here, in an area not too far from home and where I hang out very often for Spitalfields Market and the Brick Lane areas. The shop has now opened and is described:
The flavours of Italy spread across 2 floors with 3 restaurants and bars,
6 eateries and over 5,000 Italian products to buy’. 42,000 square feet (plus an outdoor terrace). And that’s how it is.

I’ve been to four Eataly locations - three in Turin, one in Bologna. The large Torino Lingotto (the very first Eataly) location is a great grocery store with eating counters, somewhere you could visit often in fact and even use as a regular grocery store. The London store isn’t that. It’s a showcase of Italian delicacies, with proper London prices. I’d thought I’d at least come home with a loaf of bread but the £7 price tag didn’t sound worthwhile, not when there are artisan bakeries where I live doing just as well for less money.

I can’t remember everything over the huge area, but I do know that I went in to a giant dessert counter and leading off this was the much-acclaimed Via Del Dolce - a sort of Bollywood-looking corridor leading to several takeaway counters - the inevitable pasta, pizza, and wine bar. An escalator takes you up one floor for the butcher, fishmonger, and cheese counters and a mozzarella station. There are freezers and coolers full of high end dairy, salumi, and other fresh foods. There’s a vegetable and fruit section that’s a bit of a mess, and there are shelves of sweets, jars and tins in an area that leads to a large wine shop. Up here there’s also a dining area, not yet open while semi-lockdown continues.

I had told myself that I would go there after it opened and that I would ignore the price tags and buy some stuff. In reality, I came home empty-handed. I’ll go back more prepared. Will I buy anything? I really don’t know, but it’s very pretty.


Deffo worth a look next time I’m “dahn sarf”.


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Are those your photos, Barca? Did you have more success there than Calam1ty?

No, my husband has done photo shoots for many Eataly since 2014, when the first Milan Eataly opened.

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