"Eat Chinatown" Exhibition opens at 41 Ross Alley [San Francisco]

“Eat Chinatown.” a community-sourced paean to beloved Chinatown restaurants of the past put together by Andria Lo and Valerie Luu opened last night at 41 Ross Alley, the art space supporting the Chinatown Community Development Center. It’s a fun and instructive exhibition of oral histories, memorabilia and photography which will be in place until April 9. 41 Ross Alley is just across the street from the Chinatown Fortune Cookie Factory. [Disclaimer: there’s a story by/about me on the back wall, which, as Valerie pointed out, was the only contribution by a guilao.]

You may know Andria from her food reviews and photography at East Bay Express and Valerie as co-founder of Rice Paper Scissors, the oldest established permanent floating Vietnamese food pop-up in San Francisco. The two are also collaborators on the Chinatown Pretty website and project.


Congrats on being part of the exhibit. If your portion had been illustrated, would you have been in full beatnik attire?

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Only the goatee.

Incidentally, I thought I would be mocked for not learning to use chopsticks until I was an adult, but I guess I won’t get that from you.


Incidentally, for those of you not yet in on the joke, this is what you will find in the 41 Ross Alley exhibit:


Eat Chinatown exhibit celebrates Chinese culture’s role in San Francisco history

A version of this story, linked below, with video was broadcast on KTVU Channel 2 on Wednesday, January 25 at about 10:30 pm


Oh, I found the video from the broadcast on Wednesday evening.


Yes, it came on just as I was posting the above. :slight_smile:

Here are some photos I took at the Eat Chinatown exhibit on a rainy afternoon on Thursday, February 9. The slideshow runs about 4 minutes with music.


The exhibit is open through April 9 and is at
41 Ross Alley, San Francisco near Jackson St.
Gallery Hours: Th - Sat, 11am - 4pm.

Highly recommended.

One of the co-creators of the exhibit, Andria Lo, has done food photography for some of Luke Tsai’s reviews at the East Bay Express.

Was there ever a Moe’s in Chinatown?