Easy fruit tart ring

Excuse the crude image - I am a digital luddite. I saw this done online and wanted to share.

  1. The gray represents a pate brisee or pate sable round.
  2. Use a pot lid or similar to indent the dough, represented in aqua.
  3. Use a knife or pizza wheel to cut the lavender lines.
  4. Distribute chopped fruit in the ring between aqua and gray lines, sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon, etc.
  5. Fold each lavender triangle over the filling and crimp to the outside edge of the round, lifting that edge up to form a rim.
  6. Brush with egg or cream wash, bake at 375° until pastry is golden brown and fruit is caramelizing.

This concept has legs. Consider also meat fillings, spinach/cheese, etc. Thanks for sharing and for your effective effort.


An early tale of holiday cooking woe:
A rolled pastry round from TJ’s was thawing in the fridge late yesterday afternoon when the power went out. My neighbor, who apparently is a Bolsonaro wannabe, was having MANY 100ft + tall pines removed, and branches damaged the wires. My house is all-electric, so was quite cold by the time they were repaired. I then opened the fridge and put the pastry cylinder on the counter. It was midnight when I tried to unroll it. It cracked all over but I reassembled it, pressing it together. Because the apples were already peeled and sliced, I proceeded to construct the ring, as the seams came apart. (I am the only one who’ll see it so not too tragic.) Only when finished did I realize I had failed to remove the piece of plastic in which the dough had been wrapped. I should have made space in the freezer to firm it up until it could be easily moved to a parchment-lined sheet pan but it was already 2:30 a.m. The joins all gave out as I cut the plastic and wriggled it free, so I used a large pie pan instead. It looks awful but tastes good. Beneath the apple slices are granola and Solo almond filling, over them a drizzle of dark maple syrup (which leaked out from countless cracks). Lessons learned, but it will be some time before I tackle that second dough cylinder!


As Eve Ensler said: Some days you just can’t roll your eyes back far enough. So sorry that this happened - sort of tragicomic, right? Glad that it still tasted good.
I once made a chocolate decadence cake which was well-received until one of the guests commented that I had forgotten to remove the parchment paper from the cake!

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