East Side Bar & Grille (Cambridge, MA - East Cambridge)

We tried this place on a whim, and it might become a regular spot for family dinners. It has a throwback feel with a casual but very warm atmosphere, with service to match.

Everyone enjoyed their food. Nothing fancy, just solid takes on classics. F.I.L. loved his steak tips. Kids split a surprisingly good burger, the seasoning was unique and tasted like the patty had A1 in it (but the kitchen wouldn’t tell). They have never tried fried mozzarella before, but they ate everyone of the fresh made triangles that came out. Wife enjoyed her turkey tip salad. I tried one of my M.I.L.'s ribs, and then asked for another, As ordinary as the fare sounds it was all well done with decent quality ingredients. The show stopper however, was my pork chop with vinegar peppers. I know the version at Vinny’s at Night gets a lot of love, but this puts it to shame. 2 perfectly grilled chops smothered in peppers and an addictive sauce. We saw ridiculously huge portions of seafood and pasta dishes come by, but it will be tough for me not to just stick with the pork chop.

Maybe the neighborhood atmosphere just took me back to when I was a child out with my parents on a Friday night, but we all enjoyed out experience and will be back.

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