[East Palo Alto] Los Temos- Michoacan eats

Trying to find lunch on Saturday proved to be a tough exercise. Found out the Pupusas El Torogoz truck only operates on the weekdays. Tacos y Hamburgesas Toluco closed that day for ‘cleaning’. Ended up at Los Temos near the 101N on ramp and got some takeouts. They got some interesting Michoacan specialties that are less commonly found in generic Mexican places, as well as handmade tortillas.

The chavindeca with pastor came with a layer of cheese in between two tortillas and griddled. Highly savory. Delicious.

Menudo (Half eaten already). Only available on the weekends. They were generous with tripes and there were dozens of chunks of them in the menudo. The menudo itself tasted ok. The tripes were comfy and I ate all of them. Came with 5 handmade tortillas. Those were pretty good.

Tacos on handmade tortillas. You can also get them on machine tortillas. I got the pastor, asada, pollo, goat. The kids ate most of these. Came with a couple of pretty hot salsas (green and red- maybe arbol?), onions, lime and cilantro.

Uchepo, or sweet corn tamale. Only available on the weekends. Wrapped in corn husks and steamed. A bit stringy. First time I had it so I didn’t have a point of reference.

Note that they do take their time to make the food so expect to wait for the food a little bit. I was the only gringo there.